Club Guidelines

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Students may not enter into contractual agreements on behalf of Black Hawk College or their club. The Student Life Office and the Dean of Student Services must approve all contracts before an event can be held or payment can be made. All contracts should be approved by the club advisor and turned into the Student Life Office at least three weeks prior to the program or event to allow time for approval.

Financial Information
Student clubs are expected to keep an accurate record of the financial activities of their club. All transactions, including deposits and requests for money, need to be signed off by the club advisor and/or the Student Life Office.

Student clubs must purchase a license to show movies to their club members or campus community in order to avoid copyright infringements. The price for the license will vary depending on how the movie is going to be used, how many people plan to attend, and whether admission is charged. Please contact the Student Life Office to get license prices. If movies are shown for educational purposes, there is an organized discussion following the movie, and there is no charge for admission to watch the movie, then a club has options to show movies. Please contact club advisor and/or the Student Life Office for more details.

Off-Campus Events (Workshops, Conferences, etc.)
If your group is attending a workshop, conference, event, etc. that is off-campus, you must review and complete a BHC Student Travel Packet.

SLC allocations may be used to purchase T-shirts, however, clubs must have all paraphernalia designs (tote bags, T-shirts, etc.) reviewed and approved by their advisor and the Student Life Office before they can be printed. When using the college logo, you must contact the BHC Marketing and Public Relations Department for specific rules and regulations regarding the use of the college logo.

Posting Policy Guidelines
The Student Life Office must approve all forms of advertisement that are posted on campus. It is strongly recommended that when using photocopied fliers the original copy be stamped before additional copies are made. Also, no postings may be placed on glass, painted surfaces, elevators, brick walls, etc. Any club that does not comply may face repair costs for damages done to these surfaces. For complete rules and regulations about posting on campus, please refer to your Student Handbook.

Bulletin Boards
The Student Life Office assigns bulletin boards to each of the clubs that request one. Clubs that are assigned bulletin boards are required to maintain their assigned board and update it on a regular basis.

Student Club E-mail
Each student club should have an e-mail address. This e-mail address will serve as a way to distribute information to other clubs, as well as a way to receive important announcements from the Student Life Office. Please check your e-mail at least once a week.

Student Club Social Media
Anyone starting a social media page (Facebook or other) or blog representing a Black Hawk College club MUST consult the Marketing and Public Relations Department in advance with their intention of use. BHC social networking pages will have a minimum of two administrators assigned (including one Student Life staff member). If an administrator leaves the college, he/she will be removed as a page administrator and another administrator assigned.

Solicitation Policy
All fundraisers (both on and off campus) must be approved by the Club Advisor and/or Student Life Office, and if necessary, by the Vice President of Student Services. Solicitation Forms are available in the Student Life Office and must be approved before any advertising of the fundraiser may be done.

Subway and Student Clubs
Subway partners with the college to provide all of your on-campus food service needs – 100% of all proceeds from Subway goes into the Auxiliary Services account. The Auxiliary Services account provides all of the funding for student activities. Supporting Subway directly supports your club

Per the contract, Black Hawk College will give Subway first option to cater any and all internal events. If Subway is unable to provide the services requested at fair market price, Black Hawk College is free to cater from outside sources.

Please contact Kaye Quick, Director of Auxiliary Services, at with any questions, concerns, complaints or compliments regarding Subway or its contract. If your club would like to partner with Subway on fundraising, please also contact Kaye Quick.

**Please remember that if you are not purchasing your food items through Subway your club is responsible for providing your own cups, napkins, plates, utensils, etc.**

Come by the Student Life Office to have your club promotions stamped for approval. Please refer to the Posting Policy on page 6.

Some places to distribute fliers:                                                                           Where you may NOT post:
1. Bulletin boards located in tunnel between Buildings 1 and 4                                1. Glass (doors/windows)
2. Bulletin boards located in stairwells in all buildings                                               2. Painted surfaces
3. Bulletin boards located in bridge between Buildings 1 and 4                                3. Elevators
4. Bulletin boards located in bridge between Buildings 4 and 3                                4. Brick walls

Fall Festival and Spring Fling
The Student Government Association holds the Fall Festival (end of September) and Spring Fling (end of April) each year. This is a great way to inform the campus community about your club. You can register to reserve a table to promote your club at these events by visiting the Student Life web page under the “Student Activities” tab.

Display Board in Lower Lobby
In an effort to help clubs become more visible to the campus community, the display board in the lower lobby of Building 1 can be used for your club to display information. You can use the board for one week each semester.

Sidewalk Chalk
Sidewalk chalk may only be used on sidewalks in areas where the rain will wash off the chalk. Do not use chalk on steps that are underneath pavilions, etc.

Table Tents
All fliers displayed on tables in the upper lobby of Building 1 and Hawk’s Nest must be placed in the sign holders provided by the Student Life Office. Only recognized student clubs and college departments are permitted to display fliers. Please bring your fliers to the Student Life Office.

Cosponsor Events
All clubs have the opportunity to cosponsor events with the Student Life Office. On average, the Student Life Office hosts one event per week where clubs are able to advertise their club throughout the week and during the event. If you are interested in taking advantage of this opportunity, please e-mail as soon as possible.

Mini Club Fairs
The Student Life Office will host Mini Club Fairs throughout the year to provide clubs with the chance to showcase what their club has to offer. Contact to learn more about specific dates and times.


Last updated 01/03/2017