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Last updated 01/03/2017

Each club is responsible for filling out an Event Registration Form, which is available in the Student Life Office or on the Student Life web page. Please turn in the Event Registration Form two weeks before your event, meeting or program. A completed copy of the Event Registration Form will be kept in the Student Life Office. The original form should be retained by the club. It should be available during the event to serve as verification of registration. All events (both on and off campus) must be registered and approved by your club advisor and the Student Life Office.

Event Registration/Facility Reservation

Step 1: Complete an Event Registration Form and submit it to the Student Life Office. Forms may be submitted in person or online. This form must be filled out completely in order to receive approval.

Note: Reservations should be made at least two weeks prior to an event. Clubs that do not reserve spaces and obtain proper approvals may be subject to the loss of room reservation privileges on campus.

Step 2: You will be contacted by the Student Life Office by e-mail or phone when approval of your event has been confirmed. Once the Event Registration Form has been submitted to the Student Life Office, the Student Life Office will then contact your club’s advisor and Subway for approval.

*An exception is the Student Life Conference Room which is reserved solely through the Student Life Office.* Please keep in mind that you will receive confirmation only when all of the appropriate departments have given their approval. You should not publicize your event until approval has been confirmed.

Step 3: Contact Facilities Department for approval on any setup requests for your event. A copy of your confirmed Student Event Registration Form will be submitted to the Facilities Department by the Student Life Office. You will receive instructions from the Student Life Office, specific to your event, letting you know how to finalize setup arrangements.

Please note: Setup Requests Forms must be submitted to the Facilities Department two weeks prior to your event. If you have any questions as to whether your event requires a setup request, please utilize the contacts listed on the following page.

Step 4: Contact Subway if you are planning to serve food at your event. Due to the contract between Subway and the college, Subway must be given the opportunity to provide all of your club’s food services needs. If Subway decides not to complete your order you may then use another vendor. However, you must remember to go to them every time and understand that their decision may change with future orders.

Use our helpful Event Planning Checklist when planning your event.

Canceling events:

  • Inform each department on the Event Registration Form of the cancellation. It is especially important to obtain a cancellation signature from Subway. If you do not, you will be subject to charges for the food prepared for the canceled event.