Are any campus visits required?

Some online classes require proctored exams. Your syllabus will say so if this is the case. To take these tests, you will go to the Independent Learning Center (ILC) on the Quad Cities campus or the Learning Resource Center at the East campus. If you do not live close to either of these or cannot go to them when they are open, contact the ILC on the Quad Cities campus to explore other locations where you can meet the proctored exam requirement for your class. Many online classes do not require any campus visits. While online courses require no fixed-schedule visits to the BHC campuses or other pre-determined locations, visits to particular sites for tests, internships, interviews, labs, etc. may be required. Location and scheduling of these activities may be flexible, but the student is responsible for arranging the location suitable to course requirements. Consult the instructor or the syllabus for any of these expectations.

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