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I’m thinking about attending Black Hawk College. Who can help me decide?

Black Hawk hosts many Campus Tours & Get-To-Know BHC Events for potential students and their family members. BHC advisors are also knowledgeable first contacts who can answer your questions about starting college, discuss your educational goals, and inform you of BHC’s resources to help you succeed.

How do I attend BHC while attending another college?

Reading and following all steps below will smooth your entry to Black Hawk College. Please attempt the steps below before seeking further assistance. For help, email an Advisor at Provide all relevant information in your communication with us.

We look forward to having you with us this semester!

STEP 1. Apply to attend BHC at

For Program of Study on the application, choose *NDS – TRANSFER
After two business days log into your myBlackHawk student portal and email:

STEP 2. Course descriptions and pre-requisite requirements

See the current BHC catalog at
For course transferability, use MyCreditsTransfer and Transferology.

MyCreditsTransfer is designed to facilitate transfer within Illinois using the nationally available tool, Transferology. Find the courses that transfer between institutions, degree requirements your courses satisfy and different majors that institutions offer.

Your home institution has the final say about accepting courses for transfer. Before registering, discuss your plans with your home institution.

STEP 3. Determine course availability

STEP 4. Satisfy course pre-requisites before you register

A BHC Advisor will ask you to document that you’ve met any pre-requisite by providing unofficial transcripts of completed course work. An advisor may also request to see your placement and/or ACT test scores.

Email a BHC advisor at

  • Your email should include the BHC course (i.e. PSYC 101); your first name, middle initial and last name; your birthdate and a contact phone number.
  • Make a .pdf copy of your transcript and attach it to an email to the Advising Center at Do not send us a link to your transcript. In most cases we cannot open them due to password protection.
  • The transcript must clearly include your name; the college name; course numbers, names and credits; attendance dates; final grades and cumulative GPA.
  • An advisor will review your transcript and respond to you by email or phone. If you’ve met the prerequisite, the advisor will enter an override on your account so you can register.

STEP 5. Final details

What can I do if I haven’t decided what to study, or am nervous about my preparation for college?

It’s fairly common to be undecided about your future or how to get the most from college as a new, or returning, student. BHC’s faculty and professional staff can help you with these important concerns.
College Credit Course

CES 100: College Experience and Success (3 credits)
This course is highly recommended for first-time college students who want to improve their readiness for college-level studies, promote their academic success and get the most from being a college student.

Career Services Center (CSC)
Visit the CSC to learn about the wide range of career options available. Take a career assessment of your skills and interests to discover career possibilities that may be good fits for you. You can also learn now to research careers and job openings. Also, watch for career workshops offered throughout the year!

Educational advisors will assist you with college readiness, student know-how, self-discovery, goal setting, and career exploration so you get the most from your college experience.

Meet with a BHC counselor to take a variety of career or personal inventories which can assist you with career and educational planning.

Is there a difference between career programs and transfer programs of study?

Career programs range from short-term certificate programs to Associate of Applied Science degrees. Career programs give you up-to-date skills that prepare you to enter the workforce.

Transfer programs prepare you to continue your studies at a four-year university or college. At Black Hawk College you’ll earn an associate degree in all transfer programs, complete the general education courses accepted by most universities, and begin taking courses in your major area.

Can I attend part-time to earn a degree or certificate?

Absolutely! With good planning, you can attend BHC part-time and progress toward your goal. Meet with your advisor every semester to stay on track.

The course load that is best for you depends on a variety of factors, such as other commitments, study skills, time-management skills, and self-discipline. To determine the course load which is most appropriate for you, please refer to the following guidelines:

Employment obligations
Working 40 hours per week
Working 30 hours per week
Working 20 hours per week
Working less than 20 hours        
Course load if working
3-6 credit hours
3-9 credit hours
6-12 credit hours
12-18 credit hours

Which courses do I take for my program of study?

An educational advisor can assist you with course selection whether you are following a career program at BHC, completing an associate degree before transferring, or preparing for a major when you are uncertain of where you will transfer. For advisor availability and to schedule an appointment for educational planning please see Advising.

Are online courses right for me?

Online courses could be a convenient way to be a student.  Learn what it takes to be a successful online learning student including Is Online Learning for Me?  Online instruction is generally not recommended for new college students; please consult an advisor before enrolling in an online course.

Which classes have I completed at Black Hawk College?

Seeing your completed courses and final grades is fast! Log into your myBlackHawk account, open the Student tab, then click on Degree Audit. Your degree audit can also be used as an unofficial transcript. If your myBlackHawk account has expired, simply complete a new admissions application. Your welcome letter will include login information.

How will dropping or adding a class affect me?

Dropping a class can delay reaching your academic goal, could change your status from full-time to part-time, or possibly impact your current and future financial aid. Even so, dropping a class may be your best option. Before deciding, visit with your instructor and an educational advisor. Advisors can also talk with you about adding a class and update your academic plan so you stay on track to graduate.

How do I transfer from Black Hawk College to another college or university?

Make a transfer planning appointment with a BHC educational advisor to help you navigate up-to-date resources for four-year colleges and universities.

  • Explore Transfer Information for transfer facts, admissions processes, major requirements, and scholarship opportunities.
  • Learn when college and university representatives are visiting Black Hawk College.
  • Discover how your courses will transfer.
  • Prepare to visit your next college or university.