How do I let Black Hawk know I am exempt from part of the placement test?

You must bring a signed permit from a Black Hawk Advisor, or a copy of your ACT report to the test. If you do not have documentation with you at the time of the test you will be required to take the ENTIRE test. If you haven’t had your ACT scores sent to Black Hawk College, you will need to do so. To request an additional ACT score report, go to ACT’s web page at and have one sent to Enrollment Services, Black Hawk College, 6600 34th Ave., Moline, IL 61265 or the Admissions Office, Black Hawk College – East Campus, 26230 Black Hawk Road, Galva, IL 61434.

Some students may be exempt from parts of the ACCUPLACER test under two conditions

Some students may be exempt from parts of the ACCUPLACER test under two conditions:
• Students who have taken the ACT test within the past two years and scored 22 or higher in the individual English, Reading or Math tests do not have to take the corresponding ACCUPLACER test:
ACT 22 or higher in English exempts you from the ACCUPLACER writing test
ACT 22 or higher in Reading exempts you from the ACCUPLACER reading test
ACT 22 or higher in Math exempts you from the ACCUPLACER pre-algebra test, however you are required to take the ACCUPLACER Algebra test.
• Students who have completed courses, or taken a placement test such as ASSET or ACCUPLACER at another college or university may be exempt from portions of the ACCUPLACER test. These students should first see an advisor or counselor before taking the ACCUPLACER test. Documentation is required and must be reviewed by an advisor to determine which portions of the ACCUPLACER test are needed for course placement. You will need to bring an unofficial copy of your college transcript or ASSET/ACCUPLACER scores when you come to the Advising Center to see an advisor. Without documentation, students will be required to take the entire ACCUPLACER test for course placement. Placement test scores from other colleges and universities that are not ASSET or ACCUPLACER scores cannot be used for course placement at Black Hawk College.

What should I study before taking the ACCUPLACER test?

You are encouraged to review and study for Accuplacer testing. For sample tests and more information of topics that are covered in the Accuplacer test click here, where you will find sample Accuplacer test questions.

How much does the test cost and can I retake the test?

You may take the ACCUPLACER test free of charge one time per academic year (Sept. 1 – Aug. 31). If you wish to retake the ACCUPLACER test during the same academic year, the cost is $15.00 per individual test or $30 for the entire test. Payment in cash (exact change) or check at the time of testing is accepted. NO CREDIT CARDS are accepted.

How are refunds from Black Hawk College delivered to students?

Refunds are delivered via the option selected when activating the BHC Money Card. Click here to make your refund selection. Once your refund preference is selected, funds are sent from BHC to BankMobile who then disburses the refunds according to your selection.

The three refund selection options available to students are: to receive a paper check at the mailing address listed with Enrollment Services, to deposit into existing bank account, or to open a Vibe checking account with BankMobile and where the student can access their refund fee-free via a BankMobile ATM located on both campuses. If you do not select a refund method before the refund is processed, you will receive a paper check by default.

Are parents supposed to attend orientation?

There are special Smart Start Orientations geared toward all students and parents. At these Smart Starts, parents get a chance to visit with various offices and BHC staff to address questions related to registration, financial aid and other areas. Parents are also welcome to join students on the Mini-Orientations and Self-Guided Orientations.

What is covered in orientation?

The various orientation options provide students with information on success strategies, services available to students, college terminology and vocabulary, and locations of offices and resources on campus. Tours of the Quad-Cities Campus also are a part of all three orientations. During the Smart Start Orientations, students get a chance to meet BHC administrators, staff, faculty and students.

When are orientations?

Smart Start Orientations are offered on specific days in August and January, prior to the fall and spring semesters. Mini-Orientations are offered Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. and Thursday at 6 p.m. Self-Guided Orientations are available anytime the college is open, and Online Orientations are available anytime, via a computer with Internet access.

How soon should I do an orientation?

New and returning students complete an orientation after (1) filling out the BHC application, (2) filling out the FAFSA, and (3) completing the ACCUPLACER assessment, but before classes start. Students may complete an orientation before or after visiting with an academic advisor.

How long is orientation?

Options vary in length. Smart Start Orientation typically lasts 2 ½ hours. Mini-Orientations, Self-Guided Orientations and Online Orientation last 45 minutes to 1 hour.