English, Reading & Communication Faculty

The English, Reading & Communication Department faculty provide students with the resources to complete core course requirements as well as with opportunities to enrich and challenge themselves with electives in such areas as literature, film and creative writing.

Departmental Faculty

Torria Norman, M.A.
Department Chair,
Professor, English,
Faculty Mentor Coordinator
QC Building 1, Room 422
Nicole Banks, M.A.
Professor, English
Phi Theta Kappa (QC) advisor
Sigma Kappa Delta co-advisor
QC Building 1, Room 362B
Phi Theta Kappa office, Room 362A
Andrew Hoogheem, M.A. 
Assistant Professor, English
Sigma Kappa Delta co-advisor
QC Building 1, Room 434
Mary Beth Kwasek, M.A.
Professor, English
QC Building 1, Room 359B
Galen Leonhardy, M.A.
Professor, English
QC Building 2, Room 254
Toni Smith, M.A.
Assistant Department Chair
Professor, English
QC Building 1, Room 357
Jenni Wessel-Fields, M.S.
Coordinator & Professor, Reading
QC Building 1, Room 359A
Regina Wilkerson, M.A.
Instructor, English
QC Building 1, Room 431A