Core Values

Appreciation of Diversity
We value the contributions of others who have talents and abilities, beliefs and traditions, actions and behaviors that are different than our own. We value the divergence of thoughts and ideas that make an institution of higher learning a center for the development of human potential.

Caring and Compassion
In our interactions with each other we will strive to be kind, compassionate and empathic as we work toward our collective and separate goals.

We will endeavor to be consistent and evenhanded in our policies and procedures and dealing with others.

We will aspire to be truthful, sincere, and candid in all aspects of our daily activities.

We will strive to be trustworthy and honorable in our interactions with others; we do the right thing even when it is not popular or easy. We will be consistent with our values regardless of the presence or absence of audience.

We will treat others with positive regard and esteem.

We will be accountable, dependable, and reliable as we follow through on our commitment to teaching excellence, student learning, and service to others.

Core Values Stories at BHC