Mermaid School - Black Hawk College

Mermaid School

Girls and boys up to age 14 who have completed Level 4 Swim Lessons
$60 for six classes


Please check the sizing guides on either website before purchasing a tail. A proper fit is a safe fit. These tails do stretch when wet, so if a tail is too big, the swimmer will be unable to safely perform all the activities in this class.

Purchasing fins:
Tails can be purchased from a variety of online merchandisers, but we prefer the tails from We have tried these tails and they have the best deal overall. These tails have a monofin that is already installed in the tail. Another online tail retailer that has very good reviews is Fin Fun tails have an option to purchase a tail with or without a monofin. Please purchase the tail with the monofin if purchasing from Fin Fun. The monofin is what propels the swimmer through the water.


Monofin safety:

  • Never use a monofin by yourself. Always have an adult or lifeguard nearby.
  • Learn how to take off monofin while in the water in case of an emergency.
  • Learn how to go into a safety float in case of an emergency.

Proper form:

  • Keeps legs together (makes swimmer faster/more streamlined).
  • Pointed toes (ensures a full range of motion and follow through with kick).
  • Building off the dolphin kick to utilize a full-body (fluid) motion starting from upper body to toes.


  • Swim through sunken hoops at various depths. Drill will build lung and general endurance.
  • Proper form (pointed toes and legs stay together/straight).
  • Kickboard drills.
  • Backflips and front flips while using arms and maintaining proper form.
  • Underwater swimming – tummy/side/back.

Proper breath holding:

  • The more you practice, the longer you can hold your breath.
  • Bubble hearts and rings.

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