BHC CARES Grants for Students

Applications for the Black Hawk College CARES Grant (Spring 2022) have now closed.

  • Award notifications will be sent to applicants’ myBlackHawk emails by Friday, February 4.
  • Awards will be issued by Friday, February 11.

Additional CARES Grant funding is not anticipated.

Grant Compliance Reporting: Must be available and accessible per Federal guidelines until May 31, 2026.

Student Grant Portion Reporting

Institutional & Strengthening Institutions Grant Portion Reporting

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. What is the ARP?

2. Who can apply for a CARES grant?

3. What kinds of expenses are covered by this grant?

4. How much can I apply for?

5. How can I apply?

6. After I apply, how do I find out if I received an emergency grant?

7. If I am approved, how will I receive my emergency grant funds?

8. Does the money need to be repaid?

9. Would this funding reduce my financial aid?

10. What is the deadline to apply?

11. What additional resources are available if I need access to food?

12. Are there other financial aid options available?

13. I previously attended Black Hawk College and already received a BHC CARES Grant at that time. Can I fill out a BHC CARES Grant application for the Spring 2022 semester as well?

14. Is this grant includible in my gross income for taxes?

15. Will I be able to claim a tuition and fees deduction for items that the grant proceeds were used to cover?

16. Who can I contact for more information?

17. Will Black Hawk College include the CARES student emergency grant funds on student’s 1098-T?