Award Information

Conditions for receiving financial aid at Black Hawk College

Financial aid money received must only be used for educational expenses related to your program of study at Black Hawk College. In addition, qualifying students must:

  • Be enrolled in an eligible program leading to a degree or certificate at Black Hawk College.
  • Not be receiving federal or state financial aid from another college or university.
  • Make satisfactory academic progress in your course of study as defined by the Black Hawk College Financial Aid Academic Progress Policy.

In addition, qualifying students are expected to review our Financial Aid Policies and Code of Conduct prior to enrollment.

Award Information

Financial aid eligibility can be viewed on myBlackHawk under Student > Financial Aid:

  • Award Offer – After student receives award email notification from the Financial Aid Office, displays eligibility for full-time enrollment (12 credit hours/semester).
  • Charges & Financial Aid for Term – Based on student’s actual enrollment – displays actual charges, financial aid, and anticipated balance information. Please allow 24 hours for enrollment changes to update financial aid awards.

See Financial Aid on myBlackHawk for additional instructions and details.

Award Details

Additional details regarding financial aid awards can be found at:

Payment of Financial Aid
Your financial aid awards will be based on 10th day enrollment. To avoid issues with financial aid eligibility, students should finalize their course schedule before the first day of enrollment.

  • Classes dropped before your 10th day of enrollment will not be eligible for financial aid.
  • Classes added after your 10th day of enrollment will not be eligible for financial aid.

If you will change your course schedule after enrollment has begun, please contact the Financial Aid Office first to determine if your eligibility will be impacted.

Beyond tuition and fees, other eligible charges will also be paid by financial aid. These charges may include, but are not limited to: bookstore charges, parking fees, library fees, etc.

Financial aid is paid to students in regular class attendance. If you register for classes and later decide that you will no longer attend, you are responsible for completing an Add/Drop Form for Enrollment Services. If you are dropped for never attending a class, or dropped for ceasing attendance, you may be responsible for repayment part of your financial aid.

Refund Information
After eligible charges are paid by financial aid, you may have excess or “leftover” financial aid funds. These funds will be issued as a refund to the student by the Bursar’s Office approximately 14 days after the excess balance is created. If you anticipate receiving a financial aid refund, make sure to set up your refund preference and contact the Bursar’s Office with any questions!


Prior to being issued your refund, you can also use leftover financial aid to buy your books and supplies in the BHC bookstores. Purchasing dates are limited and announced by the bookstore each semester.

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