Award Information - Black Hawk College

Award Information

Conditions for receiving financial aid at Black Hawk College

  • You must be enrolled in an eligible program leading to a degree or certificate at Black Hawk College.
  • Financial aid money received must only be used for educational expenses related to your program of study at Black Hawk College.
  • You must make satisfactory academic progress in your course of study as defined by the Black Hawk College Financial Aid Academic Progress Policy.

Award Information

Financial aid eligibility can be viewed on myBlackHawk under Student > Financial Aid:

  • Award for Aid Year – After student receives award email notification from Financial Aid Office, displays eligibility for full-time enrollment (12 credit hours/sem).
  • Charges & Financial Aid for Term – Based on current enrollment – displays actual charges, financial aid, and anticipated balance information. Please allow 24 hours for enrollment changes to update financial aid awards.

See Financial Aid on myBlackHawk for additional instructions and details.

Payment of Financial Aid
Your financial aid award is based on your enrollment on the 10th day of the term.

  • Classes dropped before the 10th day of the term will not be eligible for financial aid.
  • Classes added after the 10th day of the term will not be eligible for financial aid. Students are encouraged to finalize their enrollment before the semester begins.

If you will change your enrollment after the semester has begun, please contact the Financial Aid Office to determine if your eligibility will be impacted.

Beyond tuition and fees, other eligible charges will also be paid by financial aid. These charges may include, but are not limited to: bookstore charges, parking fees, library fees, etc.

Financial aid is paid to students in regular class attendance. If you register for classes and later decide that you will no longer attend, you are responsible for completing an Add/Drop Form for Enrollment Services. If you are dropped for never attending a class, or dropped for ceasing attendance, you may be responsible for repayment of part of your financial aid.

Refund Information
After eligible charges are paid by financial aid, you may have excess or “leftover” financial aid funds. These funds will be issued as a refund to the student by the Bursar’s Office approximately 14 days after the excess balance is created.

Federal Pell Grant

Your Pell Grant award is based on the information reported on your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). The federal government calculates an Expected Family Contribution (EFC), which determines your financial aid award. Students enrolled in less than 12 credit hours will have an adjusted award amount.

Summer Pell Grant

  • Students who were paid Pell Grants for full-time enrollment in the fall and spring semesters must enroll in a minimum six credit hours during summer to qualify for a Summer Pell Grant.
  • Students who were paid Pell Grants for less-than-full-time enrollment in the fall and/or spring semesters will be eligible for a Summer Pell Grant with no minimum enrollment.

Illinois Student Assistance Commission Monetary Award Program (MAP)
By applying for financial aid and agreeing to share that information with the Illinois Student Assistance Commission (ISAC) you have been considered for the State of Illinois (IL) Monetary Award Program (MAP) Grant. All MAP-approved institutions are required by the State of Illinois to announce MAP Grant awards to students who are enrolled or intending to enroll at their institution. An award amount is included in your financial aid package if you have met the eligibility criteria.

The MAP Grant award amount is an estimate made by the financial aid office and is identified as a “State of IL MAP Grant (Est).” Please be aware that the number of available MAP Grants is limited by funding levels approved by the Illinois General Assembly and the Governor, and reductions to estimated or actual MAP Grants are possible.

There are also limitations to how long you can continue to receive a MAP Grant. Usage is tracked by the number of credit hours for which you’ve received MAP benefits and is referred to as MAP Paid Credit Hours (MPCHs). The maximum number of MPCHs that can be received is 135, which is equivalent to approximately four and a half years of full-time enrollment. For your reference, and to learn more about MPCH limitations, you may access a record of your MPCHs through the ISAC Student Portal at

If a State of IL MAP Grant (Est.) is not included in your award letter, you are not eligible for the grant at Black Hawk College.

Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (SEOG)
SEOG is awarded to undergraduate students with exceptional need. Students enrolled in less than 12 credit hours will have an adjusted award amount.

Federal Work-Study (WS)
Work-study is a need-based work program for students enrolled at least half-time.  A paycheck is received for hours worked, and the wages must be used for educational expenses. Go to College Central for job placement opportunities.

Students convicted for sale or distribution of drugs
A federal or state drug conviction can disqualify a student for federal student aid (FSA) funds. Convictions only count against a student for aid eligibility purposes if they were for an offense that occurred during a period of enrollment for which the student was receiving federal student aid. See the Financial Aid Office for a detailed chart illustrating the period of ineligibility for FSA funds following a drug conviction.