How to Transfer

There’s more than one way to transfer, and that’s good news for you! Choose the transfer approach that fits you best. As you decide where to transfer, we can help you investigate majors, admission requirements and more.


Complete an associate degree and arrive at your transfer school prepared for junior-level coursework. Benefit from course equivalency agreements Black Hawk College has negotiated with four-year colleges and universities. We can help you select courses that meet the general education and freshman/sophomore-level courses for your major at your transfer school.

> Transfer Guides and Agreements

> Sample Transfer Plans

If you are a few courses short of your associate degree before you transferred from BHC, please see the Reverse Transfer section below.


If you don’t plan to remain at Black Hawk College long enough to complete an associate degree, consider completing the Illinois Articulation Initiative General Education Core Curriculum (IAI GECC). The IAI GECC is a set of general education courses that meet the lower-division general education requirements at more than 100 public and private two-year and four-year colleges and universities in Illinois. Several out-of-state institutions also accept the IAI GECC as meeting their general education requirements.

IAI Resources

> IAI GECC / BHC Courses Worksheet (PDF)

> IAI Participating Institutions

> About the IAI

> Why Transfer in Illinois?

> COVID-19 Guidance on Pass-Fail Grades for IAI; Guidance on AP & IB Scores – 5/15/20 (PDF)

> COVID-19 F.A.Q. on IAI Course Grading – 7/7/20 (PDF)

> COVID-19 Guidance on IAI Courses with Online Labs and Speeches – Oct. 2021

> Expiration Notice for COVID-19 Guidance on IAI Courses with Online Labs and Speeches – March 2022


Regardless of how long you plan to attend Black Hawk College, your best approach may be to select courses equivalent to major and general education courses at your transfer college or university. This is useful when you have a specialized major, choose a non-IAI participating school, or plan to transfer beyond Illinois. Be sure to collaborate carefully with your BHC advisor and an advisor in your major department at your transfer school.

> Course Equivalencies and Transferology

> Transfer Guides and Agreements (choose the “Transfer Planning” tab)


Black Hawk College welcomes students from other colleges and universities. Our advisors help you with admission, registration and transcript review.

If you graduated from Midwest Technical Institute, see how your credits can apply to a Black Hawk degree: MTI Transfer Information.


Reverse transfer credit is a program designed for students who attended Black Hawk College and then transferred to a University without earning their associate’s degree. Black Hawk College will evaluate your University work to determine if credits taken at the University will fulfill the remaining requirements for your associate’s degree.

You invested a lot in your freshman and sophomore courses and that deserves to be recognized!  An associate’s degree is an important milestone in your education as well as a valuable credential to add to your resume. Completing your associate degree is a smart move too if finishing your bachelor’s degree is delayed for some reason.

*At least 24 credits must be earned with BHC courses.

Several 4-year institutions provide a link or email address to begin your request:

If you attended a different University than those listed above, Reverse Transfer is still possible.   Reverse Transfer can be accomplished with any 4-year institution whose accreditation we recognize.  Submit the form below and Black Hawk’s Graduation Application, and then request an official transcript be sent from your University directly to Black Hawk College.  We will let you know if additional forms may be needed.  If the associate’s degree is awarded, we will send an official transcript back to your University for free.

Questions?  Contact or  Please use “Reverse Transfer Request” for your subject line.

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