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Reverse transfer credit is a program designed for students who attended Black Hawk College and then transferred to a university before earning the associate degree.

Black Hawk College will evaluate your university coursework to determine if credits taken at the university will fulfill the remaining requirements for your associate degree.  At least 24 credits must be earned with BHC courses and a minimum 2.0 GPA also earned at BHC.

You invested a lot in your BHC courses and that deserves recognition! An associate degree is an important milestone in your education and a valuable credential to add to your resume. Completing your associate degree is also a smart move if finishing your bachelor’s degree is delayed for any reason.

Several 4-year institutions provide a link or email address to begin your request:

Did you attend a university not in the list above?

Reverse transfer can be accomplished with any four-year institution whose accreditation we recognize. Submit the form below, complete the BHC graduation application, and request your university to send your official transcript directly to the Black Hawk College Registrar at  We will let you know if additional forms may be needed. If we determine the associate degree can be awarded, we will notify you and send an official transcript back to your university for free.

Questions? Contact or Please use “Reverse Transfer Request” for your subject line.

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