Transfer Guides and Agreements

Plan your seamless transfer from Black Hawk College using the many planning guides and agreements we have with four-year colleges and universities.

The three tabs below (TRANSFER GUIDES, TRANSFER FACTS, and TRANSFER PLANNING) help you explore majors, compare schools, and smooth your way to your transfer school. Once on a tabbed page, information can be reordered by clicking on the column titles.

Don’t see the school you’re looking for? Contact Advising and we’ll help you get there.

If you’ve chosen a major but don’t know where you will transfer, see our Sample Transfer Plans.

NOTE: Effective fall 2020, Black Hawk College’s Associate in Arts and Associate in Science degrees can be completed with 60 credits. Transfer Guides will be updated accordingly.  Please contact an advisor with any questions you may have.

Transfer Guides

Major column:  click a transfer planning guide for specific majors.  TIP: use the ”Select a Major Filter” filter to find guides you most want to view.

University / College column:  click a university or college name to see all majors offered by that institution.

Online Completion Available column: indicates the listed major can be completed online after transfer.  Most of these majors are also taught face-to-face at the transfer school.  Also see the Online Degree Guide (PDF).

Transfer Facts

University / College column:  click a university or college name to reach the institution’s transfer admissions webpage.

Transfer Facts column: click on the   icon for a summary of admission criteria and application deadlines, foreign language requirements, scholarships and more. See how your AA, AS or AAS degree transfers.

IAI Member column:  indicates the institution participates in the Illinois statewide general education transfer agreement.  Click the “IAI Member” column title to visit the iTransfer site.

Transfer Planning

Planning Resources column: click the various links to explore general education requirements, transfer updates, model degree plans and more! Advisors are available to assist you.

Scroll down the page to locate potential transfer schools in Illinois and beyond, resources for AP policies and CLEP exams, and the O*NET Online career research site.