Mentor & Mentee Program & ESL Activities

You can make a difference in how you experience life in the Academic ESL Program at Black Hawk College. There is a wide variety of programs, events and activities to enhance your life and enrich your academic experience.

Join the ESL Mentor & Mentee Program

The ESL Mentor & Mentee Program for our international students aims to join BHC American students with BHC international students to share and exchange cultural information. The objective of the program is to help our international students practice their English, learn about American culture and educational system, as well as for our American students to learn about other cultures in the world.

We take applications for mentors and mentees at the beginning of the fall and the spring semesters. If you are interested in the program and want an application, please contact Loredana Cooper at 309-796-5140 or write her at

International Food Competition

The ESL Program, the Mentor & Mentee Program and the International Student Association promoted an international food competition in which 16 countries were represented with 22 dishes. The guests voted for their favorite dishes.

Information Fairs

The Mentor & Mentee Program and the International Student Association encourage their members to get involved in fairs to share their activities and invite others to participate in these programs.

Read & Write Gold Workshops

Read & Write Gold is a free software that BHC students can download to their computer and use to improve their language learning. It is a great asset to ESL students, so they had a special training to learn how to use it.

Conversation Cafes

ESL students and SPEC 175 students meet to talk about cultural diversity and enjoy coffee and cookies.

Mock Trial & Courtroom 

Every semester students in Advanced Reading work with a real legal case, but in a mock trial/mock courtroom. Students are very well prepared and get familiar with terms such as attorneys, cross-examination, plaintiff, bailiff, etc. The teacher acts as the judge of the case, and Intermediate Reading students act as the jury. Everyone works very hard to get to a verdict.