ESL Certificate of Proficiency

The certificate in proficiency in ESL is intended for international students and non-native residents to develop proficiency in academic English and study skills.

Upon entering the program, students are given our language placement test to determine their entry level: Foundations, Intermediate, or Advanced.
To receive the certificate, a student must receive a “C” or better in each of the following:

ESL 051/051A  Foundations I
ESL 053/053A  Foundations II
ESL 062/062A Intermediate Grammar
ESL 064/064A Intermediate Reading
ESL 066/066A Intermediate Writing
ESL 068/068A Intermediate Oral Skills or
ESL 070/070A – Communication Skills
COMM 105/ESL 072/072A – Advanced Grammar
ESL 074/074A Advanced Reading
ESL 076/076A Advanced Writing
COMM 100/ESL 078/078A Advanced Oral Skills

Before exiting the ESL Program, students will take our language proficiency test in order to receive the internal certificate of proficiency.


Academic ESL Program

Before you enroll in the ESL Program, you will be given a language placement test. Your level is determined by your score on the test. For more information about ESL classes, please call 309-796-5183.