Social Sciences Faculty - Black Hawk College

Social Sciences Faculty

Faculty in the Social Sciences Department are dedicated to BHC students, and challenge them to excel academically. Careers in social sciences require a strong foundation. Our programs are designed to help our students be successful regardless of their transfer or career plans.

2019-20 Departmental Faculty

Mark Esposito, Ph.D.
Department Chair & Professor, History/Political Science
QC Building 1, Room 454
Rachel Horner Brackett, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, Anthropology/Archaeology
QC Building 2, Room 263
James Larrabee, M.Phil.
Professor, History/Political Science
QC Building 1, Room 460
Paul Lockard, Ph.D.
Professor, Economics
QC Building 1, Room 355
Jay Pearce, Ph.D.
Professor, History/Political Science
QC Building 1, Room 461