Psychology, Sociology & Education Faculty

The Psychology, Sociology and Education Department offers a wide array of courses to meet your specific career and transfer needs. With a variety of courses in areas such as child development, social responsibility, abnormal psychology and personality theories, you can tailor your studies to meet your needs no matter what your goal. Our faculty members have degrees from some of the best universities in the country and bring their research experience and education to the classroom to provide a rigorous and challenging environment for learning.

Dr. Traci Davis, PSY.D.
Department Chair & Professor, Psychology/Sociology
QC Building 1, Room 472
Jodi Becker, M.S.Ed.
Instructor, Child Development
QC Building 1, Room 455
Krisann Bergo, M.A.
Assistant Professor, Psychology/Sociology
QC Building 1, Room 468
Brigette Dorrance, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Psychology/Sociology
QC Building 1, Room 451
Merriam Jolly, M.A.
Instructor, Sociology
QC Building 1, Room 466
Sarah Nelson, M.A.
Instructor, Psychology
QC Building 1, Room 453
Michael Staub, M.S.
Assistant Professor, Psychology/Sociology
QC Building 1, Room 465