Natural Science & Engineering Faculty - Black Hawk College

Natural Science & Engineering Faculty

Department faculty (2018-19 photo) – Back row, left to right:  Charles Leland, Matlub Ahmad, Isaac Stewart, Todd Linscott, Doug Davidson, Emily Lehman and Darryl Beckett (professor emeritus). Front row, left to right:  Barret Ferm, Brian Glaser, Allison Beck, Xixuan Collins, Marilynn Bartels, Alan Abbott and Katie Rushing-Anderson

Faculty in the NSE Department have doctorates and master’s degrees from some of the best universities in the country, and bring their research experience and education to the classroom to provide a rigorous and challenging environment for learning.

We are dedicated to BHC students, and push them to excel academically by challenging them in the classroom and the laboratory. Careers in science and engineering require a strong foundation. Our programs are designed to help our students be successful regardless of their transfer or career plans.

2020-21 Departmental Faculty

Brian Glaser, M.A.
Department Co-Chair & Professor, Chemistry
QC Building 2, Room 260
Emily Lehman, Ph.D.
Department Co-Chair & Professor, Biology
QC Building 2, Room 267
Alan Abbott, Ph.D.
Professor, Chemistry
EC Building B, Room 209
Matlub Ahmad, Ph.D.
Professor, Physics
QC Building 2, Room 269
Marilynn Bartels, M.S.
Professor, Biology
QC Building 2, Room 268
Allison Beck, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Biology
QC Building 2, Room 265
Xixuan Collins, Ph.D.
Professor, Biology
QC Building 2, Room 215
Doug Davidson, Ph.D.
Professor, Physics
QC Building 2, Room 253
Barret Ferm, Ph.D.
Instructor, Chemistry
QC Building 2, Room 252
Chuck Leland, M.S.
Professor, Chemistry
QC Building 2, Room 261
Todd Linscott, Ph.D.
Professor, Biology
QC Building 2, Room 251
Katie Rushing-Anderson, M.S.
Associate Professor, Biology
EC Building B, Room 220
Phillip Jason Schroeder, Ph.D.
Instructor, Biology
QC Building 2, Room 152
Isaac Stewart, M.S.
Assistant Professor, Biology
EC Building B, Room 215
MaryBeth Stopoulos, M.S.
Instructor, Biology
QC Building 2, Room 251