Communication Studies, Humanities, Languages and Philosophy Faculty

Department faculty work closely with students to help them strengthen their abilities to communicate clearly in writing and speaking, to think logically, to read critically, to respond intelligently, and to expand their understanding of foreign cultures and languages.

The Communication, ESL, Foreign Languages, Humanities, Philosophy and Speech faculty are available by phone, email or on campus.

2019-20 Departmental Faculty

Michelle Johnson, M.A.
Department Chair & Professor, Speech
QC Building 3, Room 370
Nina DeBisschop, M.A.
Associate Professor, English as a Second Language
QC Building 1, Room 109B
Kora Smith, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Philosophy
QC Building 3, Room 375
Katie Johnson, M.S.
Assistant Professor, Speech
QC Building 3, Room 374
Lisa Miotto, M.A.
Professor, English as a Second Language
QC Building 1, Room 109C
Melette Pearce, M.S.
Associate Professor, Speech
QC Building 1, Room 427