Humanities, Languages, & Journalism Faculty

Back row, left to right:  Kora Smith, Torria Norman, Toni Smith, Nicole Banks, Andrew Hoogheem, Galen Leonhardy, Fred Ingold,
Jenni Wessel-Fields, Sharon Smith, Nina DeBisschop
Front row, left to right: Amy Kolker, Verity Whitley, Diana Badur, Lisa Miotto, Mary Beth Kwasek.

The Humanities, Languages and Journalism Department strives to provide students with the resources to complete core course requirements in communication and critical thinking as well as with opportunities to enrich and challenge themselves with electives in such areas as literature, film, philosophy, foreign languages and creative writing.

We have an array of literature courses, many of which usually can only be found at four-year institutions, as well as special topic courses ranging from graphic novels to philosophy to science fiction. Options allow you to focus on a specific area that more appropriately suits your individual interest or employment needs.

Amy Kolker, Ph.D.
Department Chair & Professor, English
QC Building 1, Room 358
Torria Norman, M.A.
Assistant Department Chair & Professor, English
QC Building 1, Room 452
Nicole Banks, M.A.
Associate Professor, English
QC Building 1, Room 359
Nina DeBisschop, M.A.
Associate Professor, English as a Second Language
QC Building 1, Room 109B
Kora Gould, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, Philosophy
QC Building 1, Room 467
Andrew Hoogheem, M.A. 
Instructor, English
QC Building 1, Room 459
Mary Beth Kwasek, M.A.
Professor, English
QC Building 1, Room 351
Galen Leonhardy, M.A.
Professor, English
QC Building 2, Room 254
Lisa Miotto, M.A.
Professor, English as a Second Language
QC Building 1, Room 109C
Sharon Smith, M.A. 
Assistant Professor, English
EC Building A, Room 245
Toni Smith, M.A.
Professor, English
QC Building 1, Room 473
Jenni Wessel-Fields, M.S.
Coordinator & Professor, Reading
QC Building 1, Room 351
Verity Whitley, M.S.
Associate Professor, English
QC Building 1, Room 469