Allied Health & Physical Education Faculty

Left to right: Gary Huber, Larry Gillund, Marcie Davis, Marci Miner, Dianne Abels

Allied Health and Physical Education at Black Hawk College offers a variety of health career programs. Whether you are interested in an eight-week course preparing for almost immediate employment or in a two-year degree program, there is a program to meet all needs.

Dianne Abels, M.S.P.T.
Co-Department Chair & Professor, Physical Therapist Assistant Program
QC Health Sciences Center, Room 117
Marci Miner, B.S.N.
Co-Department Chair & Instructor, Emergency Medical Services
QC Health Sciences Center, Room 106
Marcie Davis, M.S.N
Co-Department Chair & Program Director/Instructor, Surgical Technologist
QC Health Sciences Center, Room 318
Larry Gillund, M.S., M.S.P.T.
Associate Professor & Director of the Physical Therapist Assistant Program
QC Health Sciences Center, Room 118
Gary Huber, M.S.
Division Director of Athletics
QC Building 3, Room 317


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