Agriculture Faculty

Back row, left to right: Jason Grice, Aaron Callahan, Greg Jurgensen, Rebekah Irish, Jeffry Hawes, Drew Cotton
Front row, left to right: Andrew Larson, Mark Washburn, Tyler Gradert, Sarah Schobert, Dan Hoge, Kimberly Stevens, Gary Werkheiser. 2017 Faculty pictured. Not pictured: Janet Johnson.

To meet the demands of an ever-changing agriculture industry, Black Hawk College East Campus offers a variety of career and transfer programs to ensure students are prepared with advanced training. Our graduates hold positions in agribusiness management, crop and livestock production, veterinary clinics and hospitals, and ag equipment dealerships. They are mechanics, farm operators, herdsmen, riding instructors and horse trainers.

Jeffry Hawes, Ph.D.
Co-Department Chair & Professor, Horticulture/Agriculture


EC Building B, Room 224

Jason Grice, A.A.S.
Co-Department Chair & Associate Professor, ASE Certifications Auto Mechanics
EC Building B, Room 233
Aaron Callahan, B.S.
Professor, Equestrian Science
EC Building 7, Room 103
Drew Cotton, M.S.
Associate Professor, Horse Science
EC Building 2, Room 113
Tyler Gradert, B.S.
Instructor, Agriculture
EC Building A, Room 226
Dan Hoge, M.S.
Professor, Animal Science
EC Building A, Room 121
Rebekah Irish
Instructor, Equestrian Science
EC Building 7, Room 104
Janet Johnson, A.A.S, C.V.T.
Director and Educator of Veterinary Technology

EC Veterinary Sciences Building, Room 104
Gregory Jurgensen, A.A.S., C.V.T.
Instructor, Veterinary Science

EC Veterinary Sciences Building, Room 103
Andrew Larson, M.S.
Professor, Agronomy
EC Building B, Room 223
Sarah Schobert, M.S.
Instructor, Equestrian Science
EC Building 7, Room 105
Mark Washburn, CWS Educator Certificate
Instructor, Welding
309-854-1700, ext. 6506
Welding Skilled Trade Center
Gary Werkheiser, B.S.
Associate Professor, Mechanics
EC Building B, Room 116