New Books

Selected new titles from the circulating and reference collections are posted here regularly. The circulating titles may be found on the new books shelf near the library entrance, while the reference titles have been shelved with the collection.

Featured New Books


July 2019 New Books

African samurai: the true story of Yasuke, a legendary black warrior in feudal Japan by Thomas Lockley.

All the rage: mothers, fathers, and the myth of equal partnership by Darcy Lockman.

Big mushy happy lump: a “Sarah’s Scribbles” collection by Sarah Andersen.

Birth control: your questions answered by Paul Quinn.

Cosmological Koans: a journey to the heart of physical reality by Anthony Aguirre.

Cribsheet: a data-driven guide to better, more relaxed parenting, from birth to preschool by Emily Oster.

Deported Americans: life after deportation to Mexico by Beth C. Caldwell.

Environmental pollution in China: what everyone needs to know by Daniel K. Gardner.

A fire story by Brian Fies.

How to be an American: a field guide to citizenship by Silvia Hidalgo.

Hustle & float: reclaim your creativity and thrive in a world obsessed with work by Rahaf Harfoush.

The life of Frederick Douglass: a graphic narrative of a slave’s journey from bondage to freedom by David Walker.

Losing Earth: a recent history by Nathaniel Rich.

The man they wanted me to be: toxic masculinity and a crisis of our own making by Jared Sexton.

Music business essentials: a guide for aspiring professionals by Mark Cabaniss.

New X-Men, Academy X: the complete collection by Nunzio DeFilipis.

Reclaiming Fair Use by Patricia Aufderheide.

Runaways. 1, Find your way home by Rainbow Rowell.

Shortest way home: one mayor’s challenge and a model for America’s future by Pete Buttigieg.

Shuri. 1, The search for Black Panther by Nnedi Okorafor.

Sissy: a coming-of-gender story by Jacob Tobia.

Skeleton keys: the secret life of bone by Brian Switek.

Sleeping with strangers: how the movies shaped desire by David Thomson.

Travel with purpose: a field guide to voluntourism by Jeff Blumenfeld.

The way we eat now: how the food revolution has transformed our lives, our bodies, and our world by Bee Wilson.