Academic ESL Program

How many students are usually in my Academic ESL class?

We try to keep our class size to about 15 students, so that students can get personal attention from the instructor and work easily with classmates.

Do I get academic credit for the courses in the ESL Program?

Most of the classes in the ESL Program are developmental courses. This means that students take these classes to prepare them to take college-level classes, so students do not receive academic credit for these classes. But if you take ESL 078/Comm 100 or ESL 072/Comm 105, you will receive academic credits for these classes while enrolled in the ESL Program.

When can I begin the Academic ESL Program?

You can begin the academic ESL Program at three different times each year.
*Fall Semester usually begins at the end of August and continues until the middle of December.
*Spring Semester usually begins in the middle of January and ends in the middle of May.
*Summer Session usually begins in the middle of June and ends in the middle of July (This is an intensive six-week session.).

Is there financial assistance for the classes in the ESL students?

Eligible permanent residents or citizens may apply for Federal Student Financial Aid (FAFSA) to pay for tuition and books. Some limited scholarships are available for ESL students through the Black Hawk College Foundation.

Do I have to pay for these ESL classes?

Yes. The classes in the ESL Program are 4 or 5 credit-hour-classes, so the students need to pay tuition based on the current per-credit-hour fee.

Do I have to take all of the classes in the ESL Program?

The number of classes that you have to take will depend on the type of program and the major that you choose. In general, students who choose to take certificate programs or two-year vocational programs should complete the classes in Level 6 (Intermediate courses). However, students who want to complete associate degrees or transfer programs should complete Level 7 (Advanced courses).

How do I know which ESL classes I need to take?

Before you enroll in the ESL Program, you will be given a language placement test. Your level is determined by your score on the test.