Risk Management

Risk Management Mission
The mission of the Black Hawk College Department of Risk Management is to provide an Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) program that will protect the College’s valued assets and resources from financial and physical loss due to potential risks known and unexpected. We are committed to providing a safe workplace for employees and safe premises and operations for students and visitors and will deliver these services with efficiency and professionalism.

Enterprise Risk Management Program
The goal of our ERM program is to address risks in a centralized, holistic approach rather than independently within operational units and functional areas. Addressing risks from a College-wide perspective gives personnel the opportunity to understand how their individual actions affect not only their specific goals, but also the achievement of Black Hawk College’s goals.

Black Hawk’s ERM program will follow the Enterprise Risk Management Framework developed by the Committee of Sponsoring Organizations Commission (COSO). The COSO Enterprise Risk Management Framework is designed to create a consistent risk and control consciousness throughout the entire College and establish the model for discussing and evaluating the organization’s risk management processes.

Black Hawk College Office of Risk Management
If you observe any safety issues or have safety concerns, please email riskmanagement@bhc.edu.