Education, Service & Intercultural Activities

Diversity Education
Black Hawk College promotes an understanding and appreciation of the differences within the human family; provides an environment that nurtures personal, educational, and professional development; and recognized differences within the human family as an asset.

Student Support Services at Black Hawk College encourages cultural exploration, intercultural communication, understanding and respect. Its mission is to two-fold, providing and environment by which cultural differences are recognized, appreciated and utilized and one that welcomes and promotes the success of all students, faculty and staff.


  • Serve as an ombudsman for underrepresented students
  • Encourage cultural sensitivity among the College community
  • Promote cultural appreciation district-wide
  • Set standards for college wide and district wide Intercultural Competence
  • Improve retention/recruitment and matriculation rates among underrepresented students
  • Promote a healthy and diverse college climate for our community
  • Improve intercultural communication

Diversity Service
Through a service orientation, Black Hawk College embraces the necessity of working in collaboration with community partners in preparing students for the local, national, and international workplace.

Community Involvement Programs:

Service Learning
Through Service Learning initiatives community service experience is integrated with academic study. Students’ educational experience is enhanced and a recognized community need is met. The concept is simple – the quality of the teaching/learning environment is improved and the students’ sense of civic responsibility is increased, at Black Hawk College.

Intercultural Activities

  • Diversity Training and Resource Center Providing lectures, workshops, seminars for students, faculty and the community
  • Women’s History Month activities
  • Mexican-American History Month activities
  • Cinco de Mayo
  • Black History Month activities
  • Viva Quad-Cities
  • International Student Association · Association of Latin American Students (ALAS)
  • Asian/Pacific History Month activities
  • International Festival
  • Native American History Month activities
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