AQIP 2017 Reporting Docs

Category 1:

1P2 Curriculum Committee Handbook 2015
General Education Grid
GRID Assessment Summary Revised April 2017
IRB Forms

Category 3:

Position Status Report
3 Sample Form Scoring Matrix For Screening Applications
3P3 2017 Staff Development Day Agenda (employee handout)
3P3 Employee Learning Report
Employee Professional Development Checklist
Minimum Qualifications Document For Full Time Positons in District #503
Sample Form Demo and Presentation Scoring Matrix

Category 4:

4P4 Mission Smart ART
Dashboard 2015-2017 with Benchmark
Environmental Scans 2015-2017
Integrated Planning Budgeting Process
Oval Org Chart
Strategic Plan Action Team Report Template
Strategic Plan Cascade
SWOT Analysis Form
Blank SWOT Analysis Form

Category 5:

4-2 Computer Security and Appropriate Use
BHC Construction Update, April 2017
Black Hawk College FY2017 Budget Document
Board Financial Report
Capital Request Form
Emergency Guide Booklet
Financial Operations Report, March 2017
ITS Request Form
Microbiology Biosafety Manual Final
P-Card Dashboard March 2017
PC Org Chart

Category 6:

Unit Assessment Rubric

Other Documents:

Faculty Academic Dishonesty Policy Report
[Download not found]
2015 Noel Levitz Executive Summary
15119 Catalog 17-18 Complete
Advisory Committees Board Report
BOT Policy-Manual
BR#9045 Advisory Committees