ESL students in Kewanee celebrate Valentine’s Day

English as a Second Language students at the Community Education Center in Kewanee joined together to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

group of people seated at dinner tables decorated for Valentine's Day

“The CEC has become a very diverse society where students become cooperative members of the English as a Second Language class,” said Valerie Painter, ESL instructor and CEC coordinator.

“ESL students participate in real-life experiences where they use their English to communicate in informal, everyday conversations,” she said.

The students decided to host a Valentine’s dinner party at CEC with food, heart balloons, decorations and a gift exchange.

2 people smiling & holding Valentine's Day gifts

“Each student left the party knowing they are a valued member of the Community Education Center,” Painter said.

“Events such as the Valentine’s Day party allow comradery among the students that carries over into the classroom and manifests as encouragement to one another,” she said.