BHC hunt seat riders jump back into competition

The Black Hawk College Hunt Seat Equestrian Team resumed competition this fall, going up against teams from other Midwestern schools at four Intercollegiate Horse Shows Association (IHSA) meets.

hunt seat rider on horse jumping fence
Hunt seat rider Cheyanne Montano – limit over fences

Riders who placed in the Top 6 in their class accumulated points individually and for the team to go toward their season total.

Students competed in seven divisions depending on their level of riding experience. Classes consisted of riding on the flat (riders execute specific gaits on the rail) and over fences (riders exhibit their horse’s skill over an elevated jump).

“The Hunt Seat Equestrian Team is looking forward to continuing to accumulate points to finish up the regular horse show season!” said Selena Finn, coach and equestrian science instructor.

In the spring, students will compete in three regular-season Zone 7, Region 4 meets before moving into the postseason. Black Hawk College East Campus will host the Regional Championships and Semi-Finals then Nationals will be in Harrisburg, PA, in May.

Black Hawk College is the only two-year school in its region. BHC riders compete against teams from Augustana College, Illinois State University, Iowa State University, Kansas State University, Missouri State University, Northwest Missouri State University, Southeast Missouri State University, Southern Illinois University, Truman State University, the University of Wisconsin Platteville, Washington University and Western Illinois University.

This is the fourth year that Black Hawk College has had an IHSA Hunt Seat Equestrian Team.

hunt seat rider on horse jumping fence
Hunt seat rider Kelsey Doty – limit over fences

The Fall 2021 team members are:

  • Sarah Alarie – Downs, IL
  • Haley Beaman – Denver, IN
  • McKenna Bleem – Havana, IL
  • Haley Bucher – Washington, IL
  • Joely Craver – Greenville, IL
  • Kelsey Doty – Port Byron, IL
  • Brooke Kiefer – West Bend, WI
  • Sarah Korthals – Geneseo, IL
  • Kylee Larson – Beloit, WI
  • Hannah Lemay – Tuscola, IL
  • Hope Lock – Granville, IL
  • Ellie Mendenhall – Williamsville, IL
  • Cheyanne Montano – New Lenox, IL
  • Zayne Olson – Cambridge, IL
  • Brooklynn Reynolds – Rock Falls, IL
  • Haley Sebby – Normandy, IL
  • Josie Spratt – Purcell, OK
  • Kaili Weiner – Ontonagon, MI
  • Lily Zomparelli – Schererville, IN

Below are the Fall 2021 individual rider placings for the Hunt Seat Equestrian Team.

Please note – During the regular season, students compete in multiple rounds in each division so there can be more than one student placing 1st, 2nd, etc.

Southern Illinois University Carbondale
IHSA Horse Show
Oct. 2-3
Combined results from both days.

Pre-Novice Flat Division
3rd – Haley Bucher
4th – Kylee Larson

Novice Flat Division
3rd and 4th – Sarah Alarie
4th – Zayne Olson

Limit Flat Division
1st – Ellie Mendenhall
3rd – Cheyanne Montano
5th – Lily Zomparelli
5th – Kelsey Doty

Limit Over Fences Division
5th – Cheyanne Montano
6th – Kelsey Doty

Black Hawk College
IHSA Horse Show
Oct. 23-24
Combined results from both days.

Introductory Flat Division
3rd and 4th – Hope Lock
4th – Hannah Lemay

Pre-Novice Flat Division
1st and 2nd – Josie Spratt
2nd – Haley Bucher
2nd and 6th – Kylee Larson
5th – Haley Beaman

Novice Flat Division
1st and 2nd – Brooke Kiefer
2nd and 4th – Joely Craver
3rd – Kaili Weiner
4th and 6th – Sarah Alarie
4th – Sarah Korthals
4th – Zayne Olson
6th – Haley Sebby

Limit Flat Division
1st and 2nd – Lily Zomparelli
2nd and 3rd – Kelsey Doty
3rd – Ellie Mendenhall
5th – Lily Zomparelli
5th – Kelsey Doty

Limit Over Fences Division
4th and 6th – Lily Zomparelli
5th – Ellie Mendenhall
5th – Cheyanne Montano
5th and 6th – Kelsey Doty