Check out the 2021 Great Pumpkin Decorating Contest winners!

Quad-Cities Campus Student Life hosted the 2021 BHC Great Pumpkin Decorating Contest. Thanks to the students who took the time to paint, carve and create a pumpkin masterpiece!

See all of the entries on Facebook.

Here are the winners and the participants:

Best in Show – $100 Amazon gift card
Untitled by Isabella Wright

painted pumpkin face with tears and teeth

1st Place – $100 Amazon gift card
Pumpkinmobile by Ella Crockett

smiling carved pumpkin with wheels & teddy bear

smiling carved pumpkin with wheels & teddy bear

2nd Place – $50 Hawk’s Hub gift card
Cactus by Kaylynn Sparks

pumpkin painted to look like a cactus

3rd Place – $25 gas gift card
Pinocchio by Lexi Nichols

pumpkin painted to look like Pinocchio

Honorable Mention – Ingenious use of inexpensive materials – $10 Starbucks gift card
Popcorn by Carley Whitsell

pumpkin painted to look like box of popcorn

Honorable Mention – Best Representation of 2021 – $10 Starbucks gift card
Flight of the Pandemic by Cherie Kristich

coronavirus carved into a pumpkin

Fan Favorite – Received the most votes on Facebook – $10 Starbucks gift card & a BHC coffee tumbler
Scrumptious Carmel Apple by Alexis Mulvehill

pumpkin painted to look like caramel apple


  • Dara Baguss
  • Miranda Banks
  • Madison Bonertz
  • Julia Bosold
  • Madalynn Brummit
  • Kenadie Buysse
  • Ella Crockett
  • Emily Gamble
  • Kennedy Hessenkemper
  • Cherie Kristich
  • Arissa Lopez
  • Hannah Malmstrom
  • Alexis Mulvehill
  • Anna Narup
  • Lexi Nichols
  • Maria Perez
  • Ella Pettit
  • Jayden Schuette
  • Adysson Scott
  • Kaylynn Sparks
  • Jenna Syring
  • Carley Whitsell
  • Rachel Worley
  • Ashton Woulf
  • Isabella Wright