An open letter from President Wynes

To Black Hawk College employees, students and communities we serve,

As each new year begins, we are filled with hope and expectation of a new beginning; a turning of the page to a better future. When the page turned and 2020 began, we had no doubt a better future was indeed on the way. But far too often we are reminded the future is different for each person with unique challenges, and not necessarily as bright as ours might be. It is important we understand this and work to not only ensure a future for ourselves, but for others. Especially those with less. Education and training are essential tools to self-empowerment.

Black Hawk College is an open access, two year community college. We accept people where they are and help them, through education and training, become what they want to be. We don’t rank ourselves by how many students we turned away but by the numbers of our students who succeed. We are committed to reducing the economic and social divide through education.

At the same time, we don’t condone biased or prejudicial language and behavior that goes against our Core Values of compassion, fairness, honesty, inclusion and diversity, integrity, respect and responsibility. We strive for a better society through informed citizens and a healthy and safe environment for all who seek to better themselves at Black Hawk College.

Only together will we be better.

Wynes Signature
Tim Wynes
Black Hawk College

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