East Foundation celebrates scholarship donors, recipients

dozens of college students lined up outdoors facing cameraThe Black Hawk College East Foundation honored both those who gave and those who received at its 2019 Scholarship Recognition Banquet.

Students shared their future plans and how receiving a scholarship has assisted them in their education.

Scholarship benefactor Dan Hoge talked about education being an on-going process. “It’s never really over, your roles just change,” he said.

“Students, we wish you all success in your educational journeys,” said Danielle Williams, the foundation’s executive director.

“Benefactors, the impact you make on the lives of our students cannot be appreciated enough,” she said. “Thank you all!”

The Black Hawk College East Foundation awarded 100 scholarships totaling $96,702 to 70 East Campus students. With additional scholarships being awarded in the spring, the foundation expects to exceed $110,000 in scholarship support for the 2019-20 academic year.

View photos from the banquet on Facebook.

The scholarship recipients by hometown are:

(All towns are in Illinois unless indicated otherwise.)


  • Blake Ryner – Dean L. Bates Scholarship


  • Haley Brooks – BHC East Foundation CNA Scholarship


  • Benjamin Gelaude – Ken Maguire Liberal Arts & Sciences Scholarship, Smith Scholarship


  • Hannah Croegaert – Erickson Family Endowment Scholarship, Lyle and Marie Blodgett Memorial Scholarship
  • Bailey Roselieb – CHS Foundation Scholarship (Sophomore), Harriet McCarthy Scholarship, Nancy & Wayne Hier Scholarship


  • Nicole Haverback – Dan Hoge Livestock Judging Scholarship


  • Chloe Gustafson – CHS Foundation Scholarship (Sophomore), Walter H. Shreck Scholarship

Bunker Hill, IN

  • Wyatt Willson – CHS Foundation Scholarship (Freshman), Walter H. Shreck Scholarship

Cascade, IA

  • Holly Beringer – Peoples National Bank Scholarship
  • Madison Strief – Black Hawk College Endowed Equine Scholarship


  • Shelbie Eklund – 25 for 25 Scholarship

Danville, IN

  • Emily Fry – Walter H. Shreck Scholarship


  • Sarah Tarr –Walter H. Shreck Scholarship

Des Lacs, ND

  • Peyton Sundsbak – Livestock Judging Scholarship

Edmore, MI

  • Teresa Brun – Robin Moreland Memorial Equine Scholarship


  • Johnathon Lock – Holmquist Scholarship

Fishers, IN

  • Paulette Jones – Holmquist Scholarship

Fort Madison, IA

  • Caitlin Griffin – Holmquist Scholarship


  • Charla Bates – Peterson-Martin Engineering Scholarship
  • Rachel Russell – Debbie Kitterman Memorial Scholarship, Harriet McCarthy Scholarship
  • Josie Williams – William & Elizabeth Dolieslager Scholarship
  • Ashley Withrow – Amelia Wallen Memorial Scholarship, Joan Eastlund Scholarship


  • Emily Lightner – Giertz Brothers Scholarship, Verlin & Joan Jackson Livestock Judging Scholarship


  • Lukas Walker – Dean L. Bates Scholarship

Good Hope

  • Mason Engnell – Cory Lowderman Memorial Scholarship


  • Sophia Otto – Cargill Equine Scholarship


  • Abagail Schmit – Dean L. Bates Scholarship


  • Seth Schmitt – Holmquist Scholarship, Walter H. Shreck Scholarship


  • Lauren Neuleib – Black Hawk East Alumni Club Scholarship, CHS Foundation Scholarship (Sophomore)


  • Shelby Trunnell – Walter H. Shreck Scholarship


  • Evan Becker – Dean L. Bates Scholarship
  • Lovie Christion – Dr. Glenn I. Luymes Veterinary Technology Scholarship
  • Nolan Cone – Dave Lapan Memorial Scholarship
  • Soledad Estrada – Kewanee Rotary Club Scholarship, Walter H. Shreck Scholarship
  • Emma Hughes –  Dale and Helen Swanson Scholarship
  • Sydney Imes –  Glenn I. Luymes Veterinary Technology Scholarship
  • Sydney Krause –  Bea Haines Endowed Scholarship, Darlene Collinson Endowed Scholarship, Kewanee Kiwanis Club Scholarship, Ron & Teresa Brown Memorial Scholarship
  • Taylor Lay –  Jeff Owens Memorial Scholarship, Theodore and Penny Vlahos Scholarship
  • Carrie Luciani – Kewanee Area Business Women’s Scholarship
  • Jocelyn Martinez – Black Hawk East Foundation Scholarship, Dean W. Stoner Scholarship
  • Stephanie Martinez –  Demmler Business/Technology Scholarship
  • Tayiah Murphey –  David Bradbury Scholarship, Kewanee Rotary Club Scholarship, Otto Schwefel Scholarship
  • Cole Sawickis –  Robert H. & Bernice Eastman Memorial Scholarship
  • Madisen Winter –  CHS Foundation Scholarship (Freshman)
  • Carter Zarvell –  CHS Foundation Scholarship (Freshman)

Lake Butler, FL

  • Joshua Worten – Black Hawk East Foundation Scholarship, Colwell Scholarship, Susan Shipp Memorial Scholarship, Verlin & Joan Jackson Endowed Equine Scholarship


  • Ruth Buren – Piper Scholarship
  • Malory Moon – Dr. C. Scott Dickinson Scholarship, Elmer Brose Scholarship


  • Anna Marolf – Cargill Equine Scholarship
  • Nicole Welsh – Kandis Family Endowed Equine Scholarship


  • Tytus Rashid – Black Hawk East Welding Scholarship, George & Mary Lee Wilsey Endowed Skilled Trades Scholarship

North Liberty, IN

  • Cody Toth – Walter H. Shreck Scholarship


  • Mackenzie Steward – GROWMARK Scholarship


  • Emily McGowan – Spoon River Antique Agricultural Association Scholarship

Rock Island

  • Teresa Doukoure – Eleanor Washburn Scholarship

Ruthven, IA

  • Mackenzie Berkland – Brick Lundberg Scholarship

Sheboygan, WI

  • Grace Wolfington – Agri-Business Club Alumni Scholarship, Peoples National Bank Endowed Equine Scholarship


  • Jaidyn Miller – CHS Foundation Scholarship (Freshman), Henry County Association of Independent Insurance Agents Scholarship


  • Laural Almquist – John L. Haines Jr. Memorial Scholarship, Mehaffey Memorial Scholarship


  • Brooklyn Linton – Janssen-Ewoldsen Family Agriculture Scholarship
  • Katelyn Smoot – Walter H. Shreck Scholarship

Sumava Resorts, IN

  • Dacota Hurn – Agricultural Fund Scholarship


  • Sarah Hansard – Amelia Wallen Memorial Scholarship
  • Makenzie Snyder – Amelia Wallen Memorial Scholarship, Bill & Betty Hyer Memorial Scholarship, CHS Foundation Scholarship (Sophomore)


  • Kaitlyn Adams – Amelia Wallen Memorial Scholarship, Anderson Memorial Scholarship

Wadesville, IN

  • Michaela Weiss – Brick Lundberg Scholarship

Warrenton, MO

  • Dustin Toedebusch – John Ott Pork Production Scholarship


  • Nicholas Heimos – Denny Orr Scholarship


  • Alex Hand – Dave Lapan Memorial Scholarship


  • Trayton Jones – Dale and Helen Swanson Scholarship