Horse judging students bring home big wins

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Pictured from left to right are Sarah Schobert, coach; Bailey Wight of Bloomington, IL; Jayna Trueblood of Logansport, IN; Holly Beringer of Cascade, IA; Teresa Brun of Edmore, MI; McKenna Lindsey of Mackinaw, IL; Elena Chapa of St. Charles, IL; Sophie Otto of Gridley, IL; Josh Worten of Lake Butler, FL; Grace Wolfington of Sheboygan, WI; Kami Woodard of Norman, OK; and Aaron Callahan, coach.

Congratulations to the Black Hawk College Horse Judging Team for bringing home another championship from the All-American Quarter Horse Congress!

Ten BHC students competed Oct. 16 at the national judging contest in Columbus, OH. BHC Team A took 1st and BHC Team B took 4th.

The collegiate and youth divisions award individual and team high-point awards in halter, performance and oral reasons categories, as well as overall awards. Scores are determined based on the accuracy of contestants’ placings as compared to the placings of a panel of approved judges.

Here are the team members’ individual results:

Team Halter Performance Reasons Overall
BHC Team A 1 1 1 1
BHC Team B 2 3 4 4
Elana Chapa 3 1 3 1
Mckenna Lindsey 1 3 1 2
Josh Worten 2 10 (tie) 6 5
Holly Beringer 4 7 7


5 10 (Tie)
Sophie Otto 8
Bailey Wight T-10 4
Teresa Brun 9


Also competing on the team was Kami Woodard.


The BHC Horse Judging Team also competed Sept. 19 at the 2019 American Paint Horse Association’s horseIQ World Championship Judging Contest in Fort Worth, TX. The BHC team members came home Reserve World Champions.

Awards are presented to the Top 10 individuals and Top 5 teams in the college division and in each category (halter, performance, reasons and overall).

Here are the team members’ individual results:

Team Halter Performance Reasons Overall
BHC Team A 10 1 3 2
BHC Team B 9 7 10 8
McKenna Lindsey 4 6 3
Josh Worten 9 7 4
Sophie Otto 8 10
Elena Chapa 10 (tie) 2

Top 10 teams

  1. Kansas State University
  2. Black Hawk College Team A
  3. West Texas A&M University
  4. Texas Tech University
  5. Northeastern Oklahoma (NEO) A&M College A
  6. Northeastern Oklahoma (NEO) A&M College B
  7. Oklahoma State University
  8. Black Hawk College Team B
  9. Texas A&M University
  10. Cloud County Community College

The BHC Horse Judging Team’s final fall contest will be Nov. 16 at the AQHA World Championships in Oklahoma City, OK.

The team is coached by Aaron Callahan and Sarah Schobert.