Returning students share their advice

Just getting started at Black Hawk College? Read on for some great advice from returning students!

A quick summary: get involved, don’t be afraid to talk to your professors, make connections and don’t hesitate to ask for help.

If you need help now or in the future, please also remember there are resources here to take advantage of.

male student

Name: Sam Bridges

Hometown: Geneseo, IL

Campus: Quad-Cities Campus

Program: Transfer (business)

Advice for new BHC students: Put yourself out there. Try to talk to people around you: they are your biggest asset. Make sure to always ask questions.

male student

Name: C. Blaise Kinto

Hometown: Togo, Africa

Campus: Quad-Cities Campus

Program: Network Administration Associate in Applied Science

Advice for new BHC students: He who wants to do something regardless of what it takes to get it done will find a way to do so; however, he who does not want to do anything will find excuses. Black Hawk College staff is willing to help you achieve your education and career goals, so please, reach out today if you need help because every day is an opportunity.

student standing with library bookshelves in backgroundName: Katelyn Smoot

Hometown: Sterling, IL

Campus: East Campus

Program: Associate in Science – Ag Transfer (animal science)

Advice for new BHC students: My advice for incoming students is to become involved in an activity or class that takes you outside of your comfort zone. Every experience is a learning experience and you never know who you will meet along the way!

female student sitting at a computer station in library

Name: Ann Weber

Hometown: Sherrard, IL

Campus: East Campus

Program: Agribusiness Management and Agriculture Production Technology Associate in Applied Science degrees

Advice for new BHC students: Please utilize and become acquainted with your professors. Black Hawk College professors all have outstanding levels of intelligence and knowledge in their areas that enhance the student experience. The professors also have spectacular connections. Our students all have the opportunities to achieve their dreams through Black Hawk College.

female student

Name: Katherine “Kat” Williams

Hometown: Quad-Cities, IL/IA (I consider the entire Quad-Cities area my hometown, as I have lived in most of the central cities/towns and went to school in Davenport, Carbon Cliff and Moline.)

Campus: Quad-Cities Campus

Program: Associate in Arts (communications)

Advice for new BHC students: Ask for help, advice, info, etc.! If you’re a naturally independent or DIY student, it’s easy to feel like you can/should handle every problem on your own. But if you have questions or concerns, you will save yourself a lot of time and energy if you just ask the instructor, an advisor, a faculty/staff member or even a student leader.