New BHC equestrian team shines in first season

8 people wearing black riding helmets, black jackets, tan pants & black bootsBlack Hawk College’s new Intercollegiate Horse Shows Association (IHSA) Hunt Seat Team recently completed a very successful inaugural season.

“This first year’s group worked hard. They have really started a launch pad for where this team can go in the future,” said Sarah Schobert, coach and horse science instructor at the college’s East Campus near Kewanee.

“I am pumped up and ready to compete this fall with this year’s students as well as the new freshman students!” she said.

The BHC team competed in all eight IHSA shows in Zone 7, Region 5 hosted by Missouri State University, Northern Illinois University, Southern Illinois University Carbondale and Truman State University.

Hunt seat riders use English saddles and tack, ride in a shorter leg position to help lift their seat, and get off their horse’s back when they go over fences. In IHSA, there are eight hunt seat divisions ranging from walk-trot, walk-trot-canter to open flat/open fences.

The 2018-19 BHC IHSA Hunt Seat Team members were:

  • Brooke Bastian, Hopedale, IL
  • Teresa Brun, Edmore, MI
  • Ben Corey, Ewing, MO
  • Gabrielle Hirsch, Peoria, IL
  • Samantha Mannon, Geneseo, IL
  • Anna Marolf, Milan, IL
  • Janae Maskell, Warrenville, IL
  • Samantha Perez, Hanover, IL
  • Madeline Schuldt, St. Charles, IL
  • Sarah Stanger, Algonquin, IL
  • Shelby Trunnell, Kappa, IL
  • Taylor Trone, Lewistown, IL
  • Nicole Welsh, Milan, IL
  • Grace Wolfington, Sheboygan, WI
  • Kamryn Woodard, Norman, OK

Below are the results from the 2018-19 contests.

  • Southern Illinois University Carbondale (Sept. 29-30)
    • Ben Corey – 4th and 4th Walk-Trot
    • Janae Maskell – 6th Novice Flat and 6th Novice Fences
    • Samantha Perez – 5th and 3rd Novice Fences
    • Sarah Stanger – 2nd and 5th Walk-Trot-Canter
    • Shelby Trunnell – 6th Walk-Trot-Canter
    • Nicole Welsh – 1st Novice Flat
    • Kami Woodard – 5th and 5th Intermediate Fences
  • Truman State University (Oct. 6-7)
    • Ben Corey – 1st and 2nd Walk-Trot
    • Samantha Mannon – 6th and 2nd Walk-Trot-Canter
    • Anna Marolf – 6th Novice Flat
    • Janae Maskell – 5th Novice Flat
    • Samantha Perez – 2nd and 4th Novice Flat, 4th and 4th Novice Fences
    • Sarah Stanger – 1st and 1st Walk-Trot-Canter
    • Shelby Trunnell – 4th and 3rd Walk-Trot-Canter
    • Nicole Welsh – 2nd Novice Flat
    • Kami Woodard – 4th and 2nd Intermediate Flat, 6th and 5th Intermediate Fences
  • Northern Illinois University (Nov. 3-4)
    • Brooke Bastian – 1st and 3rd Walk-Trot-Canter
    • Ben Corey – 1st and 6th Walk-Trot
    • Gabbi Hirsch – 2nd and 2nd Walk-Trot-Canter
    • Anna Marolf – 2nd and 2nd Novice Flat, 3rd and 4th Novice Fences
    • Samantha Perez – 5th and 4th Novice Flat, 5th Novice Fences
    • Sarah Stanger – 3rd Walk-Trot-Canter
    • Kami Woodard – 6th and 3rd Intermediate Flat, 5th and 4th Intermediate Fences
  • Missouri State University (March 30-31)
    • Brooke Bastian – 1st and 2nd Walk-Trot-Canter
    • Teresa Brun – 1st and 5th Walk-Trot
    • Ben Corey – 4th and 2nd Walk-Trot
    • Anna Marolf – 3rd and 4th Novice Flat, 5th and 4th Novice Fences
    • Sarah Stanger – 4th and 1st Walk-Trot-Canter
    • Taylor Trone – 6th and 1st Walk-Trot-Canter
    • Grace Wolfington – 1st and 3rd Walk-Trot-Canter
    • Kami Woodard – 2nd and 3rd Intermediate Flat, 4th Intermediate Fences


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