TRiO helps students succeed

College can be especially overwhelming when you are the first one in your family to attend, or when you have limited finances or a disability. That is why TRiO Student Support Services, a federally-funded program, steps in to help students succeed at the Quad-Cities Campus.

TRiO Student Support Services staff and students

You could potentially be eligible for TRiO assistance if one or more of these things applies to you: you are a first-generation college student, your income is compatible with program requirements, or you have a documented disability.

Being a first-generation college student means your parents have not received a four-year degree and you haven’t received a two-year or four-year degree yet.

National TRiO Day is Saturday, Feb. 23, 2019 this year. Black Hawk College is celebrating this week with special activities and events:

  • An open house on Wednesday, Feb. 20, 2019 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. in TRiO Student Support Services, Building 1, under the library. Learn more and enjoy cookies and cocoa.
  • TRiO students will wear TRiO stickers and BHC employees who are first generation will wear TRiO first generation pride stickers.
  • TRiO students will do a service learning project at Café on Vine, a meal site in Davenport, on Friday.

TRiO offers a wide variety of free services to help participants succeed, including: tutoring, academic advising, equipment access, and college success workshops and discussions. Students in TRiO are earning associate degrees and plan on transferring to four-year schools to earn their bachelor’s degrees.

To join TRiO, students must be U.S. citizens or permanent residents, and demonstrate high motivation to successfully complete coursework. Academic progress and financial aid information is used to help determine eligibility.

BHC students interested in joining TRiO can apply online. Read on to hear what TRiO students have to say about TRiO Student Support Services.

Micaela Beam in front of grey background, wearing blue shirtMicaela Beam, TRiO student
“Being part of the TRiO program has introduced me to some very helpful individuals. My TRiO advisor has helped me tremendously in understanding and exploring all my options for my next journey in my educational career. I would recommend the program for any student that plans on transferring!”


Luz Celia Rodriguez-Gonzalez in front of white background in blue shirtLuz Celia Rodriguez-Gonzalez, TRiO student
“After graduating high school with no idea as to what I wanted to study or what classes to take, I came into college struggling and discouraged. A few months into college, I decided to sign up for TRiO where I met my current advisor who I felt understood what I was going through. She was willing to help out any way she could and wanted me to succeed. She led me to the right resources and introduced me to the other benefits that TRiO has to offer such as free tutoring (including online), access to class textbooks,community service opportunities, and beneficial academic workshops.”

Monika Bozickovic in front of grey background wearing red, white, and black striped shirtMonika Bozickovic, TRiO student
“TRiO has changed my entire college experience. Before joining TRiO, I constantly felt stressed and overwhelmed when it came to scheduling classes, time management, and my overall mental health. My TRiO advisor continuously goes out of her way to make sure I am taking all the required classes for my program, talks to me about time management strategies, and reaches out to me often to assure that I am not only succeeding as a student, but also as an individual.”

Isaac Raymond wearing grey shirtIsaac Raymond, TRiO student
“The TRiO program has helped ensure my success for the last two years at Black Hawk College. They have helped me with scheduling, ensuring I am on track to complete my degree in time, and by giving great advice for my future. Take advantage if you qualify!”

Sarah Henne smilingSarah Henne, TRiO student
“TRiO has offered me many opportunities such as making friends at workshops, free access to college books, and having an inspiring advisor, TRiO advisor Jessica Jackson. I was not aware of what I wanted to major in when I was beginning college, and Jessica did everything she could to help me find the perfect future career. She would email me websites that would explain different majors, encourage me to attend TRiO workshops, and schedule me in different classes that would help me explore what my interests were.”

Apply for free Thursday, Feb. 29 using code LEAP2BHC!Apply
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