Get fit at Black Hawk College

If your New Year’s resolution is to hit the gym, you are in luck at Black Hawk College!

Both the Quad-Cities Campus and the East Campus have Fitness Centers open to BHC students, employees and employees’ families at no cost. They will re-open Jan. 14, the first day of spring semester classes.

Students enrolled in classes, including community members taking a physical education class, can take advantage of the centers to meet their workout needs.

Physical education classes at the Quad-Cities Campus beginning in mid-January include aqua exercise, fitness assessment, Pilates, swimming, weight training and yoga.

Find the classes in the physical education section of the 2019 Spring Schedule of Classes.

Don’t forget about the bicycle desks in the libraries! You can read and workout at the same time.

Tips to help you succeed

Make a goal. If you have a fitness goal to work toward, it will give you a purpose and keep you focused! Consider preparing for a race you want to run or mastering a specific exercise you couldn’t do before.

Schedule your workouts. Reserve time for exercising in your schedule to give yourself structure. This makes working out a priority and gives you a plan to stick to. If you leave it open-ended, workout sessions are easier to skip.

Start slowly. If you attempt an intense workout without being conditioned for it, you can get hurt. Increase the time spent doing an activity, the amount of weight you lift, or the difficulty of your routine gradually to set yourself up for success.

Stay hydrated. Drinking water is very important for your health in general, and it is especially important when you are working out. Avoid dehydration by drinking water before, during and after a workout.

Don’t give up. If you have a bad day or slip up, you can pick things back up or start over. If you give up you won’t be able to meet your goal, so try again instead. Adjust your workout schedule if needed and re-focus your efforts.

Fitness Center info

You have to wear athletic attire at the centers (no jeans or flip flops!), and there are locker rooms for you to change in. Don’t forget to bring a lock to keep your items secure.

black weights lined up in the Fitness CenterThe Quad-Cities Campus Fitness Center is in Building 3, first floor. Fitness equipment includes cardio, free weights and circuit training. There also are indoor and outdoor walking/running tracks.

At the Quad-Cities Campus, women’s lockers are on the first floor near the Fitness Center and men’s lockers are on the third floor near the upper gym.

The East Campus Fitness Center is in Building 1. Equipment includes treadmills, stationary bicycles, free weights, an elliptical and a universal weight machine. There also is a studio room. At the East Campus, women’s and men’s locker rooms are in Building 1.

Visit the Fitness Center page for details and hours.

Aquatic Center info

While it is going to be a few months before we get pool weather outside, Black Hawk Overhead view of Black Hawk poolCollege Quad-Cities Campus has a great pool available right now!

Take an aqua exercise class or pop by during open swim if you want to enjoy the pool, and consider making swimming part of your fitness routine.

In addition to fitness classes and open/lap swims, the Aquatic Center offers instructional classes for children ages 6 months to 15 years, pool rentals and private lessons.

The Aquatic Center is in Building 3. Visit the Aquatic Center page for more information on offerings and fees.