November Safety Tip

Monthly safety tip from your Black Hawk College Safety Committee
Winter mittens with snowflake in hand

Winter is near and with it the increased likelihood of weather-related accidents. Rain, snow and ice can create slippery conditions in the parking lots and along walkways and stairs.

The majority of the injuries reported at Black Hawk College are slip, trips or falls.

The best way to avoid a serious slip or fall is to recognize hazardous conditions and take the proper precautions.

  • Wear footwear that is appropriate for weather conditions. Avoid smooth-soled and high-heeled shoes.
  • Walk slowly and stay alert. Watch out for wet areas, ice and ice that may be covered by snow.
  • Use handrails on steep inclines and stairways.
  • Be careful getting into and out of your car.
  • When entering buildings, clean footwear.
  • Don’t carry large or otherwise cumbersome packages on slippery surfaces.
  • Report hazardous conditions to the Facilities Department.
    – At the Quad-Cities Campus, Adult Learning Center and Outreach Center, call 796-5251.
    – At the East Campus and Community Education Center, contact the Welcome Center at 854-1701 or by dialing “0” from an on-campus phone.

Each of us has a responsibility to prevent our own injury, as well as that of others.


Disclaimer: These tips have been provided as general information for increasing safety awareness and for informational purposes only. Black Hawk College does not accept any liability for the information or advice (or the use of such information or advice) that is provided. We make every effort to insure the integrity and validity of the data provided. Always, check with your care provider before making any changes.