Black Hawk College sophomore horse judges ranked No. 1 nationally

AQHA World 2014 Team

Pictured from left are: Coach Aaron Callahan, Makayla Maciejewski, Skylee Hemp, Breanna Grebin, Bella Frisk, Marissa Chapa, Daniele Neisendorf, Heather Dufek, Jamie Wall, Riley Ryburn, Shelby Riley and Rachel Riddle.

Black Hawk College East Campus Horse Judging Team sophomores, coached by Aaron Callahan, finished their BHC judging careers Nov. 20 with World & Reserve World Championship placings at the American Quarter Horse World Show in Oklahoma City, Okla., earning them a No. 1 National ranking!

Team “A” came home World Champions by placing 1st in Performance, 1st in Reasons and 4th in Halter. Team “B” followed with a 1st in Halter, 2nd in Performance and 2nd in Reasons to earn Reserve World Champion berth.

This contest followed the prestigious All American Quarter Horse Congress contest in October where the team placed first Overall for the eighth time in ten years.

In World Overall Individual rankings, BHC had six students place in the top 10 rankings:

  • Danielle Neisendorf of Genoa, Ill.  – 1st Overall, 1st Reasons, 1st Performance, 5th Halter
  • Marissa Chapa of Maple Park, Ill. – 2nd Overall, 3rd Reasons, 4th Performance, 6th Halter
  • Rachel Riddle of Stanford, Ill. – 3rd Overall, 4th  Reasons, 6th Performance
  • Breanna Grebin of Rochester, Minn. – 4th Overall, 2nd Performance, 6th Reasons
  • Makayla Maciejewski of Downs, Ill. – 5th Overall, 2nd Halter, 5th Performance, 8th Reasons
  • Jamie Wall of Pierceton, Ind. – 8th Overall, 3rd Performance, 10th Reasons
  • Riley Ryburn of Earlville, Ill. – 9th Reasons, 10th Performance
  • Skylee Hemp of Milford, Ill. – 7th  Performance
  • Shelby Riley of Noblesville, Ind. – 9th Halter

Rounding out the two teams were Heather Dufek of Platteville, Wis. and Bella Frisk of Atkinson, Ill.

“So proud to be able to say I am part of a team that went Grand & Reserve at World! It’s been quite the journey the past year and a half but I wouldn’t change it for anything,” team member Riley Ryburn posted on Facebook.

“I feel blessed to have competed with such an amazing team that has pushed me to become better every step of the way. And I am so lucky to have the best coaches out there. The experiences, skills, and memories I have taken from judging at BHE are priceless and I will always be grateful for them,” she wrote.

Team member Skylee Hemp posted, “So proud of all my teammates today! It’s been an long emotional last year and half and all the hard work has paid off.

“Thank you Aaron Callahan, we wouldn’t be here today if it weren’t for you!” she wrote.

“Black Hawk College out-scored all 2 and 4 year colleges by nearly 30 points! Winning gold buckles to the top team and leather jackets to the top two teams,” were the proud comments from Coach Aaron Callahan.

Two past BHE grads, Ashley Hansen of Muscatine, Iowa and Grace Guyer of Kokomo, Ind., were on the Sr. college world champion team for West Texas A&M.