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Black Hawk College East Foundation honors 2014-15 scholarship recipients, benefactors

2014 Benefactors

Seated from left: Marty Golby, Susan Golby, Janene Blodgett Lourdeau, David Bradbury
Standing from left: Dan Hoge, Deanna Hoge, Jane Wolf, Jon Wolf, Judy Kitterman, Lanny Anderson, Carolyn Anderson, Bill Dolieslager, Beth Dolieslager, Herb Vandersnick, Maribeth Vandersnick, John Colwell, Brent Colwell, Sharon Deahl

The Black Hawk College East Foundation honored both those who gave and those who received at its annual scholarship banquet Oct. 28 at Lavender Crest Winery in Colona, Ill.

View scholarship recipients and banquet photos

Welcoming benefactors, scholarship recipients and their guests, faculty and staff were Steve Spivey, chair of the Black Hawk College East Foundation Board of Directors; Dr. Lee Weimer, interim vice president for instruction and student services; and Chanda Dowell, vice president for East Campus.

Dowell noted that it felt good to be a part of something great. “That’s the easiest way to describe being a part of Black Hawk College,” she said.

She introduced the administration, faculty and staff in attendance and said, “The individuals you just met are a big part of what makes Black Hawk College great. Each and every one of those folks go above and beyond to help students be successful. You will not find a more dedicated group who each understands how they can best contribute to the success of our students.

“Day in and day out, I am humbled by the work of our administration, faculty and staff at all levels,” Dowell said.

“The students are what motivates each and every one of us to give the best of ourselves. And the success of our students is the reward we all seek. Tonight we celebrate those students, many of whom are here because of the generosity of donors who also can share in feeling good about being part of something great.”

Carolyn Anderson, benefactor and guest speaker for the Anderson Memorial Scholarship, explained the origin of her family’s scholarship.

As a graduating high school student, the would-be secretary received a teacher’s scholarship to Western Illinois University. Student teaching led her to realize that teaching was her career choice. Five years teaching in a high school classroom progressed into 29 years at Black Hawk College East Campus.

“While teaching at Black Hawk, I became interested in the equestrian science program mostly because of my friendship with Donna Irvin. When she needed volunteers who had never ridden a horse for a class her students were teaching, I was first in line,” Anderson said. “So began my love for horses.”

When her husband Lanny received a small life insurance policy from his mother’s estate, they decided to donate the money to Black Hawk College and establish the Anderson Memorial Scholarship in memory of their parents. The scholarship is specifically for a student in the equestrian science program.

The Anderson Memorial Scholarship is Carolyn and Lanny Anderson’s way of paying it forward and saying thank you to Black Hawk College East Campus for the years it was their home away from home. At the same time, it gives them the opportunity to help students financially. The Andersons add to the scholarship every year to keep it growing.

Carolyn Anderson challenged the audience to pay it forward.

“Establish a scholarship, chip in on an established scholarship, or be creative and do your own thing to help Black Hawk. When you finish your education and become established in your career, remember Black Hawk. You don’t have to make a big splash – a small puddle that grows will do,” she said.

“Our scholarship benefactors share a practical understanding of and commitment to education and have all invested in it wholeheartedly,” said Liz Breedlove, foundation executive director. “They share the common recognition of the value of learning and advancing the future through support of our students.”

For the 2014-15 school year, the Black Hawk College East Foundation awarded 83 scholarships totaling $79,418 to 64 students. The foundation maintains 84 scholarship funds with assets of more than $1.6 million.

The students shared their reasons for selecting Black Hawk College and detailed how the scholarship monies are assisting them in pursuing their career goals. Without exception, all stressed how grateful they were for the financial support.

“The deep gratitude expressed by our student scholars and heartfelt words of this year’s benefactor speaker truly capture the spirit of this evening and the mission of the college and foundation. On behalf of the BHC East Foundation, we want to thank all of you,” Breedlove said.

The mission of the Black Hawk College East Foundation is to serve as the primary support partner of the East Campus of Black Hawk College by providing for and conducting activities that facilitate the growth and development of the East Campus.

The scholarship recipients by hometown are:

Adam Lloyd • Harriet McCarthy Scholarship

Dominique Davis • Brick Lundberg Scholarship
Jeffrey King • Dr. Gene Gardner Impact Scholarship

Jared Ekstrand • Walter H. Shreck Scholarship
Haley Haverback • Livestock Judging Scholarship

Zane Torrance • Holmquist Scholarship

Samantha Peterson • Amelia Wallen Pageant Scholarship/Old Settler’s Assoc.

Maggie Smith • Colwell Scholarship, Dale & Helen Swanson Scholarship

Paige Charlet • Barbara J. Curran Golby Memorial CNA Scholarship
Karen Sall • Walter H. Shreck Scholarship

Camp Grove
Eden Endress • Amelia Wallen Pageant Scholarship/Old Settler’s Assoc.

Cascade, IA
Lillie Beringer • Black Hawk East Foundation Scholarship

Clinton Township, MI
David Lazarus • Dave Lapan Memorial Scholarship

Columbia City, IN
Colton Geiger • Robert H. & Bernice Eastman Memorial Scholarship, Dale & Helen Swanson Scholarship

Corunna, IN
Judith Showalter • Cargill Equine Scholarship

Crystal Lake
Benjamin Csech • Galva Tri-County Pullers Scholarship

Christine Todd • Livestock Judging Scholarship

Makayla Maciejewski • Robin Moreland Memorial Scholarship

Gaithersburg, MD
Breck Debnam • Livestock Judging Scholarship

Savannah Ballard • Debbie Kitterman Memorial Scholarship, John Haines Jr. Memorial Scholarship
Matthew Endress • Walter H. Shreck Scholarship

Danielle Neisendorf • Holmquist Scholarship

Kyle Freebern • Walter H. Shreck Scholarship

Samantha Walker • Lyle & Marie Blodgett Memorial Scholarship

Johnson Creek, WI
Aubrey Doherty • General Scholarship Fund, Brick Lundberg Scholarship

Samantha Bickett • Kewanee Area Business Women’s Scholarship, Otto Schwefel Scholarship
Kami Branom • Smith Scholarship, 25 for 25 Scholarship
Karl Branom • Henry County Association of Independent Insurance Agents Scholarship, Peoples National Bank Scholarship
Alissa Elgin • Mehaffey Memorial Scholarship
Annabel Garduno • Erickson Family Endowment Scholarship
Sarah Hughes • Theodore & Penny Vlahos Scholarship
Tyler Hulslander • Walter H. Shreck Scholarship
Jessica Manthe • Jeff Owens Memorial Scholarship, Kewanee Kiwanis Club Scholarship, Nancy & Wayne Hier Scholarship
Kristen Parsons • Dave Lapan Memorial Scholarship
Ryan Silvis • Walter H. Shreck Scholarship

Kimmell, IN
Tyler Johnson • Norma Denzer Scholarship

Andrew Fowler • Butch Downs Memorial Auto Mechanics Scholarship
Johnathan Marshall • Galva Tri-County Pullers Scholarship

Skylee Hemp • Cargill Scholarship

Mt. Pleasant, IA
Jon Michael Rubey • Burns Grange #1839 Agricultural Scholarship

Muscatine, IA
Ashley Hansen • Rosemary E. Ward Scholarship

Victoria Clark • Kewanee Rotary Club Scholarship, Dean W. Stoner Scholarship
Gabby Kubiak • Dave Lapan Memorial Scholarship
Liliana Ruiz • Peterson-Martin Engineering Scholarship, Ron & Teresa Brown Memorial Scholarship

Nevada, MO
Dylan Murray • Agriculture Fund Scholarship

Noblesville, IN
Shelby Riley • Dean L. Bates Scholarship

North Henderson
Mason Flack • Livestock Judging Scholarship

Rebecca Janes • Black Hawk East Alumni Club Scholarship

Pierceton, IN
Jamie Wall • Piper Scholarship

Kimala Larson • Eleanor Washburn Scholarship
Savannah Speckhart • Livestock Judging Scholarship

Remington, IN
Hayden Wilder • Cory Lowderman Memorial Scholarship

Rochester, MN
Breanna Grebin • Equine Endowed Scholarship

A.J. Line • Livestock Judging Scholarship

Seven Valleys, PA
Logan Foore • Dean L. Bates Scholarship

Seville, OH
Clayton Boyert • Livestock Scholarship

Springbrook, IA
Kendall Steines • Dean L. Bates Scholarship

Rachel Riddle • PNP Endowed Equine Scholarship

Stanwood, IA
Kade Knapp • Livestock Judging Scholarship

Taylor Ridge
Danielle Ryckaert • Harriet McCarthy Scholarship

Shania Kraklow • Amelia Wallen Old Settlers Pageant Scholarship

Traer, IA
Mallory Espensheid • Livestock Judging Scholarship

Walkerton, IN
Haley Verhaeghe • Holmquist Scholarship

Wichita, KS
Lauren Prill • Livestock Judging Scholarship

Wildwood, GA
John Reasor • Dean L. Bates Scholarship

Codi Reed • Anderson Memorial Scholarship

Woodstock, OH
Hank LeVan • Elmer Hoge Memorial Scholarship, Mid-Continent Scholarship

Kyle Gehrt • Demmler Business/Technology Scholarship
Emily Paskar • Amelia Wallen Old Settlers Pageant Scholarship