National Adult Education Week – Trivia Questions

1. What does the term “GED” stand for?

a. General Equivalency Diploma
b. General Educational Development
c. Greater Education Diploma

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Answer: b. General Educational Development. GED tests are a group of five subject tests which, when passed, certify that the taker has high school-level academic skills. The GED test is changing in January 2014, and the tests will all be taken online and re-configured into four tests.

2. What subjects make up the GED tests?
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Answer: The GED test measures proficiency in science, mathematics, social studies, reading and writing. Passing the GED test gives those who did not complete high school the opportunity to earn their high school equivalency credential.

3. What types of classes make up Adult Education?
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Answer: Adult Education classes are generally made up of GED (General Educational Development) test preparation classes (ABE and ASE), ESL (English as a Second Language) and high school credit classes.

4. How many Illinois Community College Board (ICCB) Adult Education programs are there in Illinois?

a. 35 programs
b. 91 programs
c. 200 programs

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Answer: Black Hawk College is one of 91 ICCB-funded programs which provides instruction in Adult Basic Education (ABE), Adult Secondary Education (ASE) and English as a Second Language (ESL). In Illinois, approximately 96,000 students enroll in programs annually, 78% of those who are enrolled in programs and enter employment retain employment.

5. What is the Early School Leaver Transition (ESLTP) Program?
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Answer: This program serves 16- to 21-year-old Optional Education high school credit or GED students who are interested in exploring employment and postsecondary educational options. Career services offered include: self-assessment and career exploration; résumé, cover letter and interview preparation; job search techniques; training in employer expectations; job placement assistance; and guidance with transition to college.

6. What is the WIA Youth TEAM program?

Answer: The Training for Employment and Academic Mastery (T.E.A.M.) program is a Workforce Investment Act initiative designed to help qualified youth complete their basic education and successfully transition to work or postsecondary training. In addition to academic training, the program specializes in résumé-building, career exploration, workforce preparation, occupational and soft-skill training, and individualized counseling to address character development.

7. Black Hawk College Adult Education program has classes at how many sites?
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Answer: Depending on funding and community needs, there have been up to 14 Adult Education sites. Currently there are 13 sites in the college’s region.

8. Why was the GED developed?

a. In 1980, President Jimmy Carter worked with the U.S. Department of Education to create an alternative credential to address the high number of high school dropouts.
b. The United States wanted to compete academically with other countries.
c. The GED tests began in 1942 with the development of a battery of tests for the U.S. military personnel who had not completed their high school studies.

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Answer: c. The GED tests began in 1942 with the development of a battery of tests for the U.S. military personnel who had not completed their high school studies.

The GED was originally developed by the American Council on Education in response to the military’s request for a series of tests soldiers could use to prove their knowledge and education level. The original request for the tests was made by the U.S. Armed Forces Institute in 1942, when many soldiers were joining the military before finishing high school. The idea behind the tests was that soldiers who had joined the military before finishing high school could establish their education level once they returned from service and enter the regular workforce.

Although originally developed for military personnel, the GED became a popular high school alternative for many students in the 1950s, and from the early 1960s through today, most of the students who take the GED are nonmilitary civilians. The tests have been revised several times since they were first created in 1942 to keep up with the increasing requirements of the modern job market and will undergo a change again in January 2014.

9. How many students are served annually in the Black Hawk College Adult Education classes?

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Answer: In the past three years, an average of 1,800 students annually have enrolled at Black Hawk College.

10. What is the LIFE Program?

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Answer: The Literacy is for Everyone (LIFE) program matches volunteer tutors with adults who need help with reading, math, spelling and writing and assists persons in developing their literacy skills up to the ninth grade academic skill level. This program is funded through the Illinois Secretary of State’s Office. To become a volunteer tutor, call 309-796-5702.

11. How many years has Black Hawk College offered Adult Education classes?

a. 20 years
b. 35 years
c. 44 years

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Answer: c. Adult Education classes have been offered by Black Hawk College for approximately 44 years!