State Universities Annuitants Association

Are you familiar with the State Universities Annuitants Association (SUAA)? The SUAA advocates on behalf of all faculty and staff of public universities and community colleges – both retired and current employees – their spouses and survivors, who are participants and beneficiaries of SURS. Here are some highlights of what the SUAA does:

SUAA, founded in 1971 as a voluntary membership association, continues its vigilance to preserve and protect the pension system, the healthcare plans and all other benefits provided for the well-being of the 208,000 State Universities Retirement System (SURS) participants and beneficiaries.

SUAA provides continuous tracking of pension and healthcare benefit matters, state funding, along with other related concerns.

SUAA works with its membership to assure that legislators, executive officers and other policy makers are knowledgeable about member issues.

SUAA is the only advocacy organization that focuses solely on preserving pension and healthcare benefits for the public universities’ and community colleges’ employees – both active and retirees – their spouses and survivors and SURS members who live out of state.

SUAA membership affords the opportunity to interact and build relationships with other members of SURS through the local chapters on each public university and community college campus.

SUAA membership provides a communication network through newsletters, legislative bulletins, websites, workshops and meetings that informs and updates you on both local and state issues relative to and focused on pension and healthcare benefits.

SUAA membership assists in building a knowledge base in order to better understand how each element of legislation can affect pension and healthcare benefits for both today and for tomorrow.

SUAA membership allows direct involvement in the legislative process through coordination of a clear VOICE and visibility as a solid advocacy organization that protects the pension and healthcare benefits of the participants and beneficiaries enrolled in the SURS.

SUAA membership offers assistance to spouses and survivors of annuitants by providing them with important information to aid them in receiving all rights and benefits to which they are entitled.