Black Hawk College East Campus teams sweep NACTA

2014 NACTA Sweepstakes
Black Hawk College East Campus competitive agriculture teams recently finished their judging season with the North American Colleges and Teachers of Agriculture (NACTA) contest at Northwest Missouri State University in Maryville, Mo.

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Black Hawk College finished 1st Overall in Sweepstakes (two- and four-year colleges). It was the first time in five years that the college brought the top honors home. More than 40 two- and four-year colleges from around the nation participated.

Seven BHC teams competed – Crops, Dairy Cattle, Horticulture, Livestock, Livestock Management, Meats and Soils.

  • Two teams finished 1st Overall – Horticulture and Soils
  • One team finished 2nd Overall – Livestock Management
  • One team finished 3rd Overall – Dairy Cattle
  • Two teams finished 5th Overall – Crops and Meats
  • One team finished 8th Overall – Livestock

Not only did the Horticulture Team win 1st in the nation, Seth Strom of Victoria took 1st place followed by teammates taking the 2nd , 3rd and 4th top 10 Individual placings in horticulture.

On the Soils Team, Trevor Nelson of Toulon placed 1st with his teammates taking the 2nd, 3rd, 5th, 9th and 10th top 10 Individual placings. This is the sixth consecutive year that a Black Hawk College student has been named the national champion soil judge.

NACTA, considered the “World Series of College Agriculture,” was formed in 1955. It is a professional society that focuses on the scholarship of teaching and learning agriculture and related disciplines at the postsecondary level. NACTA members are from public and private two- and four-year colleges.

NACTA Team ResultsAll towns are in Illinois unless otherwise noted.

Crops Team

Coach: Jeff Hawes
Team Members from left: Ali Johannsen of Rock Falls; Matt Johnson of Cambridge; Seth Strom of Victoria and Abby Newell of Williamsfield

Team — 4th Exam – 2nd  Identification – 6th Lab Practical – 7th Math Practical – 5th Overall
Strom — 4th Exam – 2nd  Identification – 10th Lab Practical – 10th Math Practical – 6th Overall
Newell — 15th Exam – 17th Identification – 20th Lab Practical – 25th Math Practical – 23rd Overall
Johnson — 21st Exam – 4th Identification – 22nd Lab Practical – 19th Math Practical – 17th Overall
Johannsen — 25th Exam – 21st Identification – 23rd Lab Practical – 30th Math Practical – 24th Overall

Dairy Cattle Team

Coach: Dan Hoge
Team Members from left: Hank LeVan of Woodstock, Ohio; Tracey Clifford of Auburn, Ind.; Devin King of Lansing, Mich.; and Tyler Johnson of Kimmell, Ind.

Team — 3rd Placings – 1st  Reasons – 3rd Overall
King — 4th Placings – 1st Reasons – 1st Overall
LeVan — 7th Placings – 12th Reasons – 8th Overall
Johnson — 14th Placings – 6th Reasons – 13th Overall
Clifford — 19th Placings – 10th Reasons – 14th Overall

Horticulture Team

Coach: Jeff Hawes
Team Members from left: Lisa Sprouse of East Moline; Athens Demartini of Laura; Michal Slezak of Long Grove; Seth Strom of Victoria; and Coach Hawes

Team — 2nd Exam – 1st  Identification – 1st Placings – 1st Overall
Strom  — 2nd Exam – 1st Identification – 1st Placings – 1st Overall
Sprouse — 4th Exam – 2nd  Identification – 5th Placings – 2nd Overall
Demartini — 8th Exam – 4th Identification – 2nd Placings – 3rd Overall
Slezak — 10th Exam – 3rd Identification – 10th Placings – 4th Overall

Livestock Management Team

Coaches: Lee Denzer & Jared Boyert
Team Members from left: Coach Lee Denzer, Cory Edge of Rosedale, Ind.; Trevor Kirkpatrick of Washington Court House, Ohio; Elizabeth Heaton of Toulon; Anne Riggs of Glenwood, Ind.; and Coach Jared Boyert

Team — 2nd Exam – 2nd  Practical – 2nd Overall
Kirkpatrick — 2nd Exam – 6th Practical – 3rd Overall
Heaton — 5th Exam – 8th Practical

Livestock Team

Coaches: Dan Hoge & Jared Boyert
Team 1 Members: Clayton Boyert of Seville, Ohio; Tyler Dawson of Rushville, Ind.; Colton Geiger of Columbia City, Ind.; Maggie Neer of Urbana, Ohio; and Hayden Wilder of Remington, Ind.

Team 2 Members: Breck Debnam of Gaithersburg, MD; Kade Knapp of Stanwood, IA; Lauren Prill of Wichita, KS; Savannah Speckhart of Princeville; Kendall Steines of Springbrook, IA

Team 1 — 4th Beef – 7th Goats – 1st Reasons – 8th Sheep – 7th Swine – 8th Overall
Team 2  — 3rd Beef – 5th Goats – 8th Reasons – 7th Sheep – 8th Swine – 6th Overall
Geiger — 1st Beef – 6th Reasons – 9th Overall
Wilder — 6th Beef
Knapp — 8th Beef
Prill — 4th Reasons
Neer  — 6th Sheep – 6th Swine

Meats Team

Coaches: Lee Denzer & Anne Riggs
Team Members from left: Cory Edge of Rosedale, Ind.; Tyler Johnson of Kimmell, Ind.; Coach Anne Riggs of Glenwood, Ind.; Elizabeth Heaton of Toulon; Coach Lee Denzer and Trevor Kirkpatrick of Washington Court House, Ohio

Team — 4th ID – 4th Placings – 5th Overall
Kirkpatrick — 10th ID – 3rd Placings – 9th Overall

Soils Team

Coaches : Andrew Larson & Scott Wiesbrook
Team Members back from left: Clayton Ryan of Wyoming; Joe Fey – Glenwood, Ind.; Conner King of Kewanee; Zane Torrance of Biggsville; Tanner Clementz of Elkhart; Josh Henderson of Glenwood, Ind. and Trevor Nelson of Toulon
front from left: Jacob Samuelson of Geneseo; Chloe Yoder of Prairie City, Iowa; Shelbi Louck of Redkey, Ind. and Coach Andrew Larson

Team  — 1st Pit #1 – 2nd Pit #2 – 4th Pit#3 – 4th Pit #4 – 1st Overall
Nelson — 9th Pit #1 – 2nd Pit #2 – 2nd  Pit #3 – 8th Pit #4 – 1st Overall
Fey — 11th Pit #1 – 3rd Pit #2 –5th  Pit #3 – 2nd Overall
Samuelson — 4th Pit #1 – 10th Pit #2 – 2nd  Pit #4 – 3rd Overall
Clementz — 2nd Pit #1 – 4th  Pit #2 – 5th Overall
Torrance — 5th Pit #1 – 13th Pit #2 – 3rd  Pit #4 – 9th Overall
Henderson — 6th Pit #1 – 5th Pit #2 – 10th Overall
Louck  — 7th Pit #1 – 12th Overall
Yoder — 17th Pit #1 – 8th  Pit #3 – 15th Overall
Ryan — 14th Pit #1 – 16th Overall
King — 15th Pit #3 – 23rd Overall

Last updated 5/1/2014