Black Hawk College sophomore horse judges ranked No. 1 nationally

C AQHA World 2013 Team

From left: Sophomore team members at World – Carmen Conrad, Heather Burroughs, Aly Schleis, Grace Guyer, Sumer Opinker, Emily Stenzel, Ashley Hansen, Ashley Monroe and coach Aaron Callahan.

Black Hawk College East Campus Horse Judging Team sophomores, coached by Aaron Callahan, finished their BHC judging careers in November with a championship win at the American Quarter Horse World Show in Oklahoma City, Okla., and a No. 1 national ranking.

Team A came home World Champions by placing 1st in Performance, 1st in Reasons and 2nd in Halter. Team B followed with a 1st in Halter, 4th in Performance, and 4th in Reasons to earn a 4th Overall placing.

This contest followed the prestigious All American Quarter Horse Congress contest in October where the team placed 3rd Overall.

In World Overall Individual rankings, BHC had three students place in the top 10 rankings:

  • Grace Guyer of Kokomo, Ind. – 2nd Overall, 2nd Reasons, 3rd Performance, 6th Halter
  • Heather Burroughs of Muscatine, Iowa – 5th Overall, 4th Halter, 4th Performance, 7th Reasons
  • Ashley Hansen of Muscatine, Iowa – 6th Overall, 3rd Reasons, 6th Performance, 8th Halter
  • Ashley Monroe of Cedarburg, Wis. – 11th Overall, 1st Halter, 10th Reasons
  • Sumer Opinker of Larsen, Wis. – 12th Overall, 5th Halter
  • Aly Schleis of Waunakee Wis. – 13th Halter, 4th Reasons

Carmen Conrad of Howards Grove, Wis., and Emily Stenzel of Bartonville, Ill., rounded out the team.

“Matching coats! Plus our belt buckles. Shout out to the rest of our World Champion team,” team member Grace Guyer posted on Facebook.

“Without you ladies we wouldn’t be the judges we are today. Thank you!” she wrote.

Team member Ashley Monroe posted, “So we handed the team over to the freshmen today, and I can’t believe how hard it was. Judging has been … a journey and I can’t believe how far I’ve come not only as a judger, but as a person.

“As I stood in front of the classroom with my team, with my family, I wish I knew earlier how much this journey with them would mean to me and how fast time would go! The memories of all the times we have spent will have a special spot in my heart forever!” Ashley wrote.

The freshmen begin their first of four competitions for the BHC Horse Judging Team in March at the Middle Tennessee State University Spring Contest.

Last updated 2/26/2014