Art student installations on view at QC Campus

Students enrolled in ART 111 (3-Dimensional Design) have been working in groups to create site-specific art installations on the Quad-Cities Campus. There will be five installations on view Tuesday, Sept. 24 through Thursday, Sept. 26.

In Building 1 on the third floor balcony will be a representation of a melting man entitled “Time Winds Down.” On the southwestern lawn will be a copper tree called “Identitree Crisis.”

Under Building 4, look for “Sky, Wind, Earth and Water,” an installation of sticks and stones rising from the ground and through the creek to create a three-dimensional spiral.

Nestled in the nearby concrete foundation of the building will be “Arachnophobia,” a large-scale spider spinning its web toward a dragonfly.

From there walk toward Lot 4 and find “Orderly Chaos,” a series of geometric shapes tumbling down from the concrete pillars under 34th Avenue.

For more information, contact Zaiga Thorson at or 309-796-5469.