Livestock judges bring home top honors from Denver

National Western Stock Show Champs

Seated from left: Jake Bloomberg, Nick Fitzsimmons, Breanna Lawyer, Will Coor and Austin Webber Standing from left: Coach Jared Boyert, Sarah DeSchepper, Amber Shipe, Jake Sloan, Logan Rinehold and Max Look

For the third time in history, the Black Hawk College East Campus Livestock Judging Team took top honors in the junior college division at the National Western Stock Show in Denver, Colo.

Team members participated in one of two contests: the NWSS Livestock Judging Contest, held January 17 and the Carload Contest, held January 18, both in Denver held in conjunction with the largest Stock Show in the country.

NWSS Livestock Judging Contest:
Five team members judged 12 classes and gave eight sets of oral reasons. Awards were given for each specie as well as reasons. The team, competing against 23 other junior college teams, came home National Champion Team winning by 22 total points. BHC placed 1st Overall, 2nd Reasons, 2nd Beef, 2nd Sheep and Goats and 3rd Swine.

In Overall Individual Rankings, BHC had three students place in the top 10 rankings and all five place in the top 20 rankings out of 110 participants.

  • Breanna Lawyer of Shirley, Ind. – 1st Overall, 1st Reasons, 1st Sheep & Goats, 1st Swine, 2nd Beef Reasons, 3rd Beef
  • Nick Fitzsimmons of Vail, Iowa – 8th Overall, 5th Beef Reasons, 5th Beef, 8th Swine, 9th Reasons
  • Jake Bloomberg of Berwick, Ill. – 11th Overall, 4th Sheep & Goats, 8th Beef Reasons,9th Market Steers, 10th Reasons

Will Coor of Selma, N.C. and Austin Webber of Avilla, Ind. rounded out the team impressively with a 17th and20th placing respectively.

Carload Judging Contest:
In the Carload Contest, a second set of five team members judged six classes of cattle as well as one class of written questions. The team, competing against 21 other junior college teams, finished Reserve Champion by just one point.

In Overall Individual Rankings, BHC had two team members in the top 10 rankings with three team members placing in the top 20 rankings out of 108 participants.

  • Max Look of Mapleton, Ill. – 1st Overall
  • Logan Rinehold of  Auburn, Ind. – 9th Overall

Sarah DeShepper of Altona, Ill., Amber Shipe of Waterloo, Ind. and Jake Sloan of Quincy, Mich. rounded out the team.

Teams were coached by Dan Hoge and Jared Boyert.