I am Black Hawk College – Mohammad Zubaer Alam Tazin

Student holding BHC, B-Hawk mascot in front of a welcome signMohammad Zubaer Alam Tazin – better known simply as Tazin – is originally from Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh in southern Asia. With approximately 7 million people, Dhaka is the largest city in Bangladesh.

Being an international student has shown him a huge difference in perspective of different cultures.

“Compared to Dhaka, Moline is considered small-time living. I consider myself as a city boy. Life is also a lot slower here in Moline. I grew up in a crowded area, where here it is not so crowded,” he says.

In August 2009 Tazin left his family behind and came to the Quad Cities as a foreign exchange student. Tazin’s father owns a cell phone retailer, while his mother works for a non-profit organization. He also has a younger brother who is about to begin college and a younger sister going into her senior year of high school.

Tazin talks to his family about once a week and occasionally is able to Skype with them. He says he misses the food options from home including his mother’s cooking. He also misses the weather and his friends.

Tazin began his college journey in the fall of 2010 at Black Hawk College. He decided upon Black Hawk College after a discussion with his host family. They suggested he start at Black Hawk because it would be affordable, and he would receive a good education. His host family invited him to stay with them while he attended BHC. He decided to study engineering and expects to graduate in May 2013.

Throughout his time at BHC, Tazin says he has learned valuable life lessons. He has learned that community college is not as easy as people say it is. Being a student ambassador has helped him learn how to work with people. Working in the Tutoring Center, he has learned how to handle his frustration and not to give up on people. His time spent in the Student Government Association has taught him leadership skills.

Tazin also is involved in the Association of Latin American Students (ALAS), the International Student Association (ISA), Soccer Club, Clean Sphere and is on the Chieftain staff, the BHC student newspaper.

When he graduates from BHC he plans to transfer and earn a bachelor’s degree. He is looking at universities in Wisconsin, North Dakota, Indiana, Colorado or possibly Canada. After completing his bachelor’s degree Tazin says he may work for a little bit before pursuing a master’s degree and eventually a Ph.D.

When asked if there is a quote he lives by he answered yes, he lives by a quote that his mother always tells him. “Everybody has something to teach you whether or not the person is socially accepted.”

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