Black Hawk College Transfer Student – Therese Dockery-Jackson


Therese Dockery-Jackson

Transfer School: St. Ambrose University

Major: Occupational Therapy, Class of 2015 

How long did you attend Black Hawk College?
I attended Black Hawk College for three semesters before transferring to St. Ambrose University. After my first semester at SAU, I came back to BHC to complete the two semester sequence of anatomy and physiology required for my major.

What is your best memory of BHC?
History and political science courses with Dr. Pearce were very interactive, fun and interesting.

How did you choose Occupational Therapy for a major?

In high school, I babysat for a family who had a child with a disability. Sometimes I took the child to therapy sessions. I was able to observe and talk to a variety of therapists and I did a lot of reading online about career options.

Have you ever changed your major?

Yes. I was an education major, but I ended up majoring in psychology because it provided a more direct route to my goal of getting admitted to a graduate program in OT.

Did your classes at BHC prepare you for SAU and graduate level work?
Yes, definitely. My English composition classes were most helpful in preparing me for the writing and research
requirements of my major.

So far, what has been the highlight of your experience at SAU?
Study abroad was awesome! I spent one semester studying at a college in Carlow, Ireland. I also spent three weeks in Ecuador engaged in a field study of therapeutic methods with varied patient populations. That was a different experience with lots of learning related to my field of study and a more intimate look at the culture made possible by staying with a family.

What advice do you have for other students who plan to transfer?
Set up a meeting at your prospective transfer school to see if the school is a fit for you. I visited another school that just didn’t feel right for me. Although the campus was beautiful, it seemed too rural, isolated and far from home. I didn’t feel a connection and they didn’t offer my major. Do your homework so that you can make good decisions on the major and transfer school that is a good fit for you.

Make an appointment with your advisor. We will go through everything with you to make sure you are ready to go. You can
even visit with multiple schools!

For more information and guidelines for your successful transfer explore BHC’s transfer course equivalencies.

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