BHC basketball coach reaches milestone (2/1/13)

Darren Bizarri recently reached a milestone at Black Hawk College.

He recorded his 100th win as coach of the Braves men’s basketball team at the Quad-Cities Campus.

And he didn’t even realize it until the day after the win when his former assistant called to congratulate him.

“I had to do a little math in my head,” Bizarri says with a laugh.

At the beginning of the season, the subject of 100 wins was mentioned. “I know we thought about it, thinking we were close,” he says.

But Bizarri didn’t dwell on it.

“You focus on the next game. You try to be as good as you can be each night,” he says.

It’s the first time in his coaching career that Bizarri, a former Moline and Westmer high school coach, has reached 100 wins at one school.

“It’s nice, and it really makes you take stock of the kids you’ve had and where they’ve gone,” he says. “I’m fortunate to have had really good players and assistants. Over time, it adds up.”

Next stop – 116 wins to tie the college’s record set by Jack Carbee who coached from 1986-94. Ironically, Bizarri played for Carbee at BHC. The two still keep in touch and recently spoke by phone.

Maybe Bizarri will get a call from his old coach so he knows when he’s reached 116.