BHC East Foundation honors 2012-13 scholarship recipients, benefactors

Last updated 11/8/2013

The Black Hawk College East Foundation honored both those who gave and those who received at its annual scholarship banquet Oct. 2, 2012 at The Dunes in Kewanee, Ill.

Speaking at the event were: Liz Breedlove, executive director of the Black Hawk College East Foundation; Steve Spivey, president of the Black Hawk College East Foundation Board of Directors; Dr. Thomas Baynum, Black Hawk College president; Chanda Dowell, vice president for East Campus; Janene Blodgett Lourdeau, foundation board; and Charles “Chip” Eastman representing the Robert H. & Bernice E. Eastman Memorial Scholarship, Peoples National Bank of Kewanee Endowed Equine Scholarship and Peoples National Bank Scholarship.

Recipients shared what receiving a scholarship meant to them as well as their plans for the future. The benefactors and scholarship representatives in attendance also were introduced and recognized.

“Despite several semesters of enrollment growth, we continue to pride ourselves on our personal culture at the East Campus,” Chanda Dowell said.

“With 991 students enrolled this fall as of 10th day, we continue to be committed to student success, as Professor Dan Hoge has said, “one student at a time.”

“Tonight I am excited for you to meet our students and hear in their voices about the passions that brought them here and the passions they continue to pursue,” she added.

Chip Eastman emphasized the importance of education while citing the much lower rate of unemployment for people who have gone beyond their high school diploma to obtain their associate or bachelor’s degree.

“Education is still the best solution for society’s long term problems. Donors to the BHE Foundation Scholarship fund recognize the importance of helping local students who in turn will help their local communities grow and prosper.

He added, “Any student with a desire to achieve an education should not be held back due to a lack of financial resources. The cost of a BHE education is far less than state universities or private colleges, and represents a tremendous bargain.”

In closing, Eastman encouraged current benefactors to add to their established scholarships to help offset inflation while the scholarship recipients were encouraged to remember the assistance they are receiving and hopefully give back in the future when the opportunity presents itself.

In acknowledging the benefactors, Liz Breedlove said, “Due to your generosity, the Black Hawk College East Foundation was able to award 76 scholarship awards totaling $53,675 to 53 students this year, with awards ranging from $60 to $3,300.

In total, the Foundation now maintains 79 scholarship funds with assets of over $1.4 million,” she said.

“Thank you, benefactors, for your generous support of the Foundation and the education your gifts provide to our student recipients.”

“On behalf of the Black Hawk College East Foundation, I would like to congratulate the 2012-13 scholarship recipients,” Breedlove said.

She introduced scholarship recipients from around the U.S. and abroad. The students shared their reasons for selecting Black Hawk College and detailed how the scholarship monies are assisting them in pursuing their career goals. Without exception, all stressed how grateful they were for the financial support.

The mission of the Black Hawk College East Foundation is to serve as the primary support partner of the East Campus of Black Hawk College by providing for and conducting activities that facilitate the growth and development of the East Campus.

Scholarship Recipients

Tara Hyett • William & Elizabeth Dolieslager Scholarship

Sarah Hahn • Agriculture Fund Scholarship, Burns Grange #1839 Agriculture Scholarship, Kewanee Area Business Women’s Scholarship, Nancy & Wayne Hier Scholarship, Walter H. Shreck Scholarship

Ashland, KY
Corey Gregg • Mark Gordon Scholarship

Tracey Clifford • Dean L. Bates Scholarship

Auburn, IN
Tim Rinehold • Walter H. Shreck Scholarship

Jake Bloomberg • Livestock Judging Scholarship

Bettendorf, IA
Katherine Grimm • Holmquist Scholarship

Brussels, WI
Crystal Drager • Black Hawk East Foundation Scholarship, Cargill Equine Scholarship, Holmquist Scholarship, Ron & Theresa Brown Memorial Scholarship

Charlotte, MI
Sydney Miller • Livestock Judging Scholarship

Coal Valley
Laura DeBaillie • Walter H. Shreck Scholarship

Colon, MI
Tyler Pierson • Brick Lundberg Memorial Scholarship, Ron & Theresa Brown Memorial Scholarship

Conewango Valley, NY
Matt Morrison • Rosemary E. Ward Scholarship

Crystal Lake
Amanda Sonnenberg • Cargill Equine Scholarship, Verlin & Joan Jackson Foundation Equine Scholarship/Horse Judging Team

Sarah Simpson • Susan Shipp Memorial Scholarship

Detroit, MI
Eric Nix • Dave Lapan Memorial Scholarship

Allison Weber • Dale & Helen Swanson Scholarship

Justin Strappe • Elmer Brose Scholarship

Fishers, IN
Morgan Gadd • Black Hawk East Alumni Scholarship, Piper Scholarship
Sarah Lewis • Walter H. Shreck Scholarship

Beverly Scott • Debbie Kitterman Memorial Scholarship, Erickson Family Endowed Scholarship
Emily Swanson • Debbie Kitterman Memorial Scholarship

Evan Blunk • Galva Tri-County Pullers Scholarship

Cheyenne Fitts • Dave Lapan Memorial Scholarship

Nicholas Thorndike • Galva Tri-County Pullers Scholarship

Russell Anderson • 25 for 25 Scholarship
Brianna Ball • Dave Lapan Memorial Scholarship
Travis Cruse • Kewanee Kiwanis Club Scholarship, Kewanee Rotary Club Scholarship
Chandra Galli • Barbara J. Curran Golby Memorial CNA Scholarship
Madison Galloway • Henry County Association of Independent Insurance Agents Scholarship, Peoples National Bank Scholarship
Chessa Griffith • CNA Scholarship
Kari Hagaman • Otto Schwefel Scholarship
Hannah Pack • Jeff Owens Memorial Scholarship, Theodore & Penny Vlahos Scholarship
Amy Rodak • Dean W. Stoner Scholarship
Lisa Shafer • 25 for 25 Scholarship
Kimberly Wilkins • Walter H. Shreck Scholarship

LaOtto, IN
Nick Riecke • Elmer Hoge Memorial Scholarship

Max Look • Giertz Brothers Scholarship, Livestock Judging Scholarship

Matthew Hahn • Mark Gordon Scholarship

Mt. Olive
Josh Clevenger • Anderson Memorial Scholarship

Orania, South Africa
Juan Wiid • Johnston Land Farms Scholarship

Quincy, MI
Jake Sloan • Holmquist Scholarship, Livestock Judging Scholarship

Rock Falls
Alexandra Johannsen • Holmquist Scholarship, Rob Landis Memorial Scholarship
Christopher Johannsen • Rob Landis Memorial Scholarship

Dakota Dace • Dean L. Bates Scholarship

Michelle Randall • Washburn Scholarship

Selma, NC
Will Coor • Livestock Judging Scholarship

Jill Maglio • Dale & Helen Swanson Scholarship

Shirley, IN
Breanna Lawyer • Cory Lowderman Memorial Scholarship, Livestock Judging Scholarship

Elizabeth Heaton • Harriet McCarthy Scholarship, Livestock Judging Scholarship
Jon Heaton • Mid-Continent Scholarship
Brittany Wallace • Harriet McCarthy Scholarship

Wanatah, IN
Jordan Goodwin • Verlin & Joan Jackson Foundation Equine Scholarship/Horse Show Team

Abby Newel • Dean L. Bates Scholarship

Taylor Wilkinson • Dean L. Bates Scholarship