Testimonials (2012)

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I am the manager of the Weld Training and Testing Lab at Deere. I have hired about 140 welders since taking over this position in Oct 2011.

By far BHC students are performing the best on the Pre Employment Evaluation that I conduct.
I believe I have only rejected one or two of your students. I am accepting above 97%. Reality is that not everyone can be a welder.

The other schools do not fair near as well. Other schools students are more in the 75% pass mode. Some less than 50%.

I speak to every perspective employee about their training, and Mark, Red, and Wally get excellent reviews.

You should all be very proud of what you have accomplished and the people you have helped to gain employment.

You all have truly change lives and life situations for many people and their families.
I hear the stories everyday and see the joy and peace in the new employee’s eyes after they receive a couple of John Deere pay checks.

Keep up the good work.


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